Notes to dollar ratio

Did anyone else notice the exchange rate?

20 notes = $5 = 4 notes/$1
30 notes = $10 = 3 notes/$1 (2 notes/$1 for notes 21-30)
100 notes = $20 = 5 notes/$1 (7 notes/$1 for notes 31-100)

500 notes = $100 = 5 notes/$1

It seems to encourage spending your notes earlier and discouraging saving. This seems it would mostly affect those users who are in it for the long haul - somewhat penalizing them.

On the other hand it seems to reward casual users which is good because it doesn’t exclude them. Clearly I have mixed feelings.

Any thoughts?


Maybe it’s just me, but why does it matter? Your getting something in exchange for free, that you didnt have before and you can choose to either save them or spend them at your pleasing. So what difference does it make if early on you get more bang for your buck than saving them? As it becomes a personal preference which route you choose


THIS! either way you’re getting something out of it.


As @Tank said, does it really matter. Most people are here for the “community” aspect and any prizes/perks are a nice bonus.


Figuring out the value of a fictitious product before you really even had a chance to explore the patterns and benefits of the site may be putting the cart before the horse here. I personally dont find as much value in notes as I do the testing oppertunities I get from contributing to the forum.


Exactly this, you are given the opportunity to receive some awesome thing, it costs you absolutely nothing but time and effort to earn, so there should be 0 complaints with anything with them. No one is forcing anyone to be here, we are all here to have a good time, converse with like minded people and possibly pick up something, be it at a discount or free.

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Furthermore with it, if someone is new coming here and they see a daunting task of getting to 500 notes or one that is obtainable, which is going to keep them here? Soundcore is a business. They are wanting people to come here, get to know the brand, and maybe spend some money on their product. So giving a better incentive to a lower value coupon is the better business model in any book. If I came here and saw that I would have to grind like crazy to get a $5 coupon, I can tell you I wouldn’t be here long at all.


Agreed, besides this may end up being more efficient to weed out commited individuals from those that prize and ditch. I think we saw some of that with Ankers main community where the prizes were fewer between and people only jumped in for a single giveaway. New setup seems to give anyone and everyone a chance to get something all the time, which I believe is a good thing.


Good job on working out the Notes to dollar ratio :wink:

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Seems weird that the value would go down with the higher value rewards. They probably hoped that no one would break it down!:rofl:


It may be a method to the madness. You would think it would be the same value but it may be the lower amount is to draw you in. I think if you are getting to 500 notes then you have been dedicated in here and with the 100 dollars, you can really get yourself something good.

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I think the math is ok. You basically get a greater value for your notes at 5 and 10 dollars coupons but I do not know if you can stack those coupons but are more likely to have to pay something with those coupons. So if you do it per notes:

5 dollars off for 20 notes is .25 per note
10 dollars off for 30 notes is .33 per note
All the rest (20, 40, 60, 80 and 100) are basically .20 per note.

So technically if they kept with the .2 per note then the 5 dollars would be now 4 dollars per 20 and the 10 would be 10 dollars for 50 notes. If they allowed for stacking for the dollars off (which I think they would not) the best value would be to grab the 10 dollar for 30 notes. As you would save 40 notes per 20 dollars + increments for a max of 200 at the 100 dollar coupon. . Overall, the values are consistent from 20 + in their coupon per note.

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not really a big deal but definitely something interesting to notice

Thanks for the break down. Many companies that offers a loyalty point have similar break downs. Either way its a chance to get freebies and discounted products.

Something just hit me right now. So looking at the notes exchanging, you could “in theory” redeem 10 of the $10 coupons for 300 notes only, instead of redeeming 500 for a $100. My question with this is, is there a specific amount you can use at one time and/or redeem for? Because if so, I can see that getting abused super quickly.

Well considering you can only use 1 coupon at a time when buying stuff, I doubt they will stack for this

Gotcha, that is what my question was. I should have just assumed, but the 3 hours of sleep I got last night is not helping my forward thinking right now lol

It matters because I am curious and it was an intentional decision by Soundcore. Clearly my post made it seem as though I had a negative view but really it was just my curiosity.

I completely agree, I am here for the same reasons… but please don’t pretend that when you go to cash in your notes you won’t look for the best deal.

Thank you @Duane_Lester for being as inquisitive as me!