Nothing Sounds as Good as This

A New Era in Sound is less than two weeks away - sign up here for the Limited 35% off Pre-Order offer! As you can imagine, we’re going sound crazy here at Soundcore, which is why we’re throwing this weekend competition!

To quote one of the Grammy Award Winning audio engineers (see more on that in yesterday’s discussion) on the Liberty 2nd generation, “these earbuds just sound natural”.

Sound is a powerful thing. It can move us, motivate us, and affect us on so many levels, so making sure that the sound produced by the next generation of Liberty true wireless earbuds is authentically and completely reflective of the original sound itself was key to our mission.

So, for a chance to win the hero product of the Liberty 2nd generation - or “he who shall not be named” as I’m now dubbing it - you just need to:

1. Share

Share this article via the social media buttons at the bottom of the page;

2. Screenshot The Share

Screenshot your social media share after its posted and leave it in the comments below. Bonus points if people interacted with what you posted on social media.

3. Comment - Your Favorite Sound

In the comments below, tell us your favorite sound. Perhaps it’s a song, perhaps it’s the sound of birds chirping or perhaps it’s someone beeping their car horn (ok, maybe not that last one). Bonus points if you show us your favorite sound by placing a YouTube link in your comment.


1st Place: The Liberty 2nd Generation Hero Product

2nd Place: 100 Points

3rd Place: 50 Points

Note: Those Points could come in super useful if you’re trying to climb up the Referral Leaderboard!


  • Open to US, CA, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES;
  • Ends Sunday, September 15th, 24:00 PST;
  • Winners will be announced in Monday’s Core Update;
  • Winners will be voted on by the Soundcore team;
  • Soundcore reserves the right of final explanation.

My favorite sound would probably be the relaxing sounds of the ocean!



Can not take part as I am not in any social media…

The “youngsters” will like it, thats fine!

Tough call as I have three which I would call a favourites for relaxing (or motivating)…but I would have to go for water lapping on a beach or lake (closely followed by heavy rain on metal or the soothing sound of train tracks)…


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I really am torn on which to put up as my favorite. Since I can listen to it more often I will go with the sounds of lake at night, bugs and animals with a gentle water choppiness manages to clear out my head pretty fast.

Although the first sounds of my kids heartbeat was probably the best sound I have ever heard.

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Have you tried Glass or Einaudi?

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My favorite sound is music. I really love the songs of Eric Whitaker. Beautiful. Anyone who is a fan of
Classical music (or any other similar genre) will love this song.

(I crossed out my name and such, but that actually is my post).

Btw @Loz, we all know the name is liberty 2 pro :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for the opportunity to try and win the product or points.

While I love all things music, I find myself going through times where I will listen to just rainfall, ocean waves, and even the sound of a fire crackling at night with all the bugs chirping and creaking. But lately I have been listening to these smooth Jazz sounds at night or whenever I need to sleep

Edit: and yes that very YouTube video I posted, I have downloaded to my phone and set to play on my Google Home Mini whenever I ask it to.

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Yes, Glass is one I play every so often, will look into Einaudi, always like finding new things to add to the music collection :slightly_smiling_face:

Can one of you link a video of Philip glass? I looked for him once, but what I found (I think) is something different than what you all are listening to. A YouTube video would be great.

Shared on Twitter, screenshot below

My favorite is the calm sound of rain, and here is the Youtube link (I am an Apple Fan :apple:)

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Try this one as kind of introduction. :wink:


As far as sound goes, this probably has the best sound/mix and is a standard for many audiophiles:

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Here is my post

And I like nature sounds and water falls, here is one of them

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Thanks for this great opportunity!

I have quite a few favorite sounds… The ding on an airplane after arriving at your destination, the “You’ve got mail” when you were younger (This might age me a bit)… The HBO “aahhhhh” before your favorite show.

But nothing compares to the sizzling of fresh bacon! Enjoy 8 hours of Sizzlin’!


The greatest sound on earth, the crys of a freshly born baby. … Not graphic

Even Lois Armstrong sang… When I hear a new baby cry, I believe


The Liberty what now? No idea what you’re talking about :wink:

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I’m sure you don’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Love Louis Armstrong!

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