October Leaderboard

Congrats to everyone that made it on the leaderboard! This month was very competitive!

1st - @TheSnarkyOne

2nd - @Mike2468 and @ktkundy (TIE!)

4th - @Duane_Lester

5th - @waggs181

6th - @jercox

7th - @Unnamed

8th - @Matthew_D_Morais

9th - @Shivam_Shah

10th - @Ice


Definitely a nail biter down to the end. Great battle for top spot and glad you and @ktkundy share 2nd.


First time on the Leaderboard woohoo. I only started going for points one the 12th of October and It was really hard with a delayed start. Maybe this month with starting early I can place like 6. Congrats to all the others winners as well and thank you to @Shivam_Shah for letting me get 8th.


I prob came last :joy:


Wouldn’t this still be open for like another 11 hours for October? (Really not sure if the time goes off of UK, because I know it’s not US for the leaderboard)


I think I will never be under the top of that board.

No social media no leader
But who cares! :joy:

But of course congratulations to the 10 winners! :wink:


Final October Leaderboard list a bit too early :wink:

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It’s not finalized yet lol. It will be at 8 pm tonight (ET)

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Well I just finished my points and it looks like the placements for everyone are locked in! Also noticed that everyone in the top 4 is getting flare 2😂


congrats on the tie it was a long battle

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Time to tie again next month :joy:

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Im not against that :joy: a lot depends on school for me with midterms coming up ill probably miss a day or two and then again when finals happen ill miss more.


Ugh finals :sleepy:. Good luck on any upcoming tests though. I want to just forget about finals until December and focus on my AI project (due tomorrow) and November :joy:

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yeah im trying to finish up a lab that my teacher was late in posting and I’m struggling through but oh well. I wish you the best of luck I’m sure you’ll do great. and yeah same I’m trying to just survive one day at a time

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I’m curious what they will do about the tie - which surprisingly persisted despite this thread being posted 12 hours too soon… Guess we will see soon enough.

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seems the only one to change was the person in 10th place was @Shenoy

Finished my project with extra credit portions. Started out pretty weird and confusing but thankfully done. Hope you can do well on the lab

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I think me and @ktkundy should both get the flare 2. Or maybe we split it into two flare 1s :joy:

We have been tied essentially this whole month

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Oops, just missed the 10th spot to @Shenoy :grinning:

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I’m in line right behind @Chiquinho but not in that conga line from that other thread. I’m a musician and it’s known that musicians can’t dance. Not even the conga.:joy: