Oktoberfest in Montana!

Is it really Oktoberfest already? For some reason I thought it was in Oktober :laughing: Maybe @Chiquinho could clarify?

Anyway, came to the brewery today and they are pouring into large glass steins!

Also, no need for Soundcore products today, as the music is live!

Does anyone else have an Oktoberfest where they live? And is this celebration actually as early as it seems? I dont know all that much about it!

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Definitely not an oktoberfest fan here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nothing here. Also, I have never drank but seeing the glass, I think that was a good deal that day.

The beer "looks "good!
And I see its from “Blackfoot river brewing company”, seems craft beer.
It may be tasty. :beers:

And the stein (glass) is such one we use here in München.

Not seen any Oktoberfest celebrations in the UK but do have my own stein, so a private party it is :wink:

@chiquinho do they have stein holding competitions in Munchen? I have never seen this before:

Yes, The Blackfoot River Brewing Company is definitely craft beer. Very tasty! It is my “home” brewery. All the employees know my name :grinning:

Have not heard of a stein holding competition. But it does look like fun and a challenge.

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All the guys wearing laderhosen were the first to go :laughing: The men’s winner is actually out of the bottom of the picture - we was an older fellow. This was the women’s winner:



What a shame!

It was only for the competition. They poured and refilled with beer for dirnking.

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Gott sei Dank! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
With beer inside a sly old fox would have drunk it and this way he would have won the contest.
But with water… :nauseated_face:

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I think this was the idea. Also no one wanted to waste precious beer if they got tired and dropped the glass :laughing:

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I know it is coming up when I start seeing the beers on the shelves in stores and tap at the bar lol

better come down to the biggest Oktoberfest held outside of Germany. The town was named Berlin and is now known as Kitchener. https://oktoberfest.ca/ which runs between October 11th - 19th. It gets crazy around here!!

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