Oktoberfest Live cams

Very quiet at the moment.
But I am sure in ca 5 hours it will be crowded as usual.

You should take a look

There are also live cams from inside the tents
I will look for the urls later.

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If I remember or heard , there are a few concerts or performances or parades there as well.

I was also thinking they have several beer songs they would sing.

I went and saw this one thread not sure how correct it is.

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Yes there are some which are famous.
Thank you for adding those.

We all can sing these at home!
Raining and ca 9C.
But the young people dont mind, they want their party.
Let them do! :laughing:

So in the tents it will get warm pretty soon. :wink:

Thanks for sharing this, I appreciate it! :+1:

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Beer originally was a way to preserve calories from times of excess - harvest - to consume later in times of shortage. The CO2 from fermentation kept bacteria low and then the alcohol was a natural bacterial inhibitor. As such beer was consumed often, even by children, as a safe drinking water and food.

Quite different in modern times. :wink: