Old Layout/Features for Motion+ on Soundcore App

Hi everyone, I recently bought a Soundcore Motion+ during Prime Early Sale last week, officially retiring my first Soundcore from 2015. I am pleased with the overall quality of the speaker, however, I am concerned that the app for the Motion+ seems outdated compared to the other Soundcore speakers such as the Soundcore 3 or Motion Boom, even if those speakers may be worse in some aspects.

Surely with a high starting price, the Soundcore app for the Motion+ should feel more full in terms of features like being able to pick more presets by Soundcore themselves (Soundcore Signature) and save multiple EQ’s into the app to use later which you can do on the Motion Boom and Soundcore 3 but not the Motion+

Heck, I even prefer the volume slider on the Soundcore 3 and Motion Boom for the app. It is awful on the Motion+ and it jumps too much. Is it possible to receive an update to change this?

You could send your ideas to the support