Old reviews again?

Should we from the old crew really repeat all this stuff we were discussing about speakers?
Copy the old reviews?

Really should we?


review from other community may not fetch points or notes, unless it is less than 3 days , so we can update the reviews in our profiles.

so far, it has been 50~50 about posting reviews from Anker or any other community here… some backlash, but no hard rule, until of course Soundcore enforces it :smiley:


ja may be.
But dont want to get blamed.
Old man, old reviews, both worthless! :sweat_smile:

but as the saying goes,… old is gold :beers:



You made my day!


Soundcore or @TechMan !!! He isn’t letting any easy points go unnoticed!

I think it’s a growing pain. People wanna cash in on points for reviews… as with anything new, it’ll die down in time. I just hope we don’t get people posting new reviews on both sides, that’ll get old fast.

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I would soon be getting “rich” when recycling all my “old reviews”.
But I think I will not, would be kind of boring- :wink:


So kind of you @Chiquinho :blush:


Old man with many “old reviews” stored…heheh!

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I thought about sharing some of my soundcore reviews from my personal site. They were reviewed over the last year. I wouldn’t this would be a big deal.

Besides, there will be new people that haven’t seen our older reviews.

Should I really dig in my storage?

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Go for it :slight_smile:

There are so many recycled reviews showing up now.
Should be boring to join in.

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I think we should only post new reviews.

I have some OLD products I can review… would those count? new reviews on old/discontinued items? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why not, its a new!!! written review.
If you haven’t written a review before on the old item.

It’s boring to paste and copy those from ANKER forum to Soundcore forum.
Those will get no likes and no friends.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hey, it’s a Sunday, so I don’t have IT here to clarify, are your accounts being rewarded Notes for posting reviews in the Conversations section? As per the table on Notes/Points it should only be rewarded for posting review to the Review section of your own profile.


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Yes I wonder what we will find :nerd_face::nerd_face: