One of the best drummers ever

You know me, I was a drummer in a band in the 60-ies.
Not bad, but not such an excellent talent. :grin:
I did my job well, was teached by my father (RIP) so all was fine.

I am always looking for excellent drummers.
I know them all.
You here might know only the younger ones.
Here is an old styled one!
Joe Morello (RIP) was one of the best ever.
May be its not easy to see his absolutely perfect art to beat the drums.
But one who knows about will recognize.

And he was a member of Dave Brubeck’s band.
Lets listen to “Take five”
Not three quarter or four quarter beat.
NO five quarter beat.

Count : one, two, three, four, five.

An here is “old Morello” :slight_smile: still great!

I would call him “Silberlocke” here.
(sliver curl).
Same as me :rofl:


A very talented man indeed - thanks for posting these videos.

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Nice skills. Thanks for sharing.

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