Open ear type (half in ear) Airpods style earbuds?

First off, I am NOT a fan of open ear type earbuds, and I’m happy with my Liberty Air 2.

However, due to the pandemic, more and more people are working from home now, and WFH will likely become the new norm.
Open ear type earbuds are just more comfortable to wear all day, and are better for calls. I find myself shouting louder and louder when wearing the Air 2.

I’m tempted to just buy some airpods knockoff just for working from home, after days of searching, I just can’t find any good open ear style earbuds other than Airpods. The best I could find is probably TaoTronics Soundliberty 88 & 92, but their software/firmware support is not as good as Anker. If Anker could make a pair of open ear type TWS earbuds with great microphones for calls, there might be a market for that…

You should try the Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 or the Life dot 2, these have the most comfortable ear wings and i often forget that i am wearing them. My son uses his for his online classes and zoom meetings and same for him as he forgets he’s wearing them too.

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I really prefer fully over ear for all day use and calls. Q10 or 20, or strike 1 or 3.

I have the spirit Dot 2, and more than an hour or two gets uncomfortable for me. So I don’t know how much those will help.

Ideally they should include sidetone so you can hear your own voice and don’t end up shouting down the phone. Multipoint would be really useful too as I can imagine there are lots of people like me who listen to music on their phone but need the flexibility to answer calls on my laptop.

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thats where airpods 1 and 2 shine. you can hear yourself.

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