Ordered Liberty 2 Pro, received Liberty 2

Hi everyone,

today I got my Liberty 2 pro earbuds (at least I hoped so!!!) which I’ve ordered late September for 119,00 €.
When I opened the package they’ve sent me the Liberty 2 earbuds, not the pro version. For now I am very disappointed and have contacted the support. Very curious what they will do in this case.

Has anyone else got this problem??

Oh wow, I’m sorry you got sent the wrong earbuds. But rest assured Soundcore will make things right

This could happen, because soundcore doesn’t deliver the items.
Normally AMAZON does.
I would recommend to ask the support before sending them back.
BUT we have weekend!
Should take to monday to get a responding,

:flushed: that’s sad. I’m sure soundcore will figure everything out :+1:

They should definitely replace them, and I’m sure they will. But no fun when you expected to be able to start using them right away.

That’s where the disappointment comes from, jercox

I know it sucks but you are in good hands of Soundcore customer service team. They will take care of it for you so you can have what you ordered ASAP
With any other brand this would be a night mare to get it resolved

Don’t worry rest assured all will be sorted out by the Soundcore support team.

Just means a short delay before getting your hands on the pro

Oh that’s a bummer. Huge excitement followed by a big let down!

Man, I ordered mine on 9/27 and my order is still “Processing”.

I can say that I have ordered from soundcore before and I got my order shipped and delivered all the while my status on their website never changed. I actually had 2 orders that where like this and it wasnt until I called them did the status on the website change

@Loz @Hannah

Did they send you and email that they sent it?

I’m sorry to hear about this. Best thing to do is contact support directly at service@soundcore.com as we’ll need to look your purchase up on the system. @Beauty FYI. We’ll sort any mistake that’s been made asap.

Well that would be a definite disappointment, but you can also look at this as an opportunity few of us will have. You can test the ones you were sent and then test the Pros and you will have the ability to hear both!

I always wonder what others sound like, was the extra money worth it and such. You can test both and be confident in your decision. Sure it will likely not be side by side, but you’ll still get an impression of them. At least there would be some tiny upside to your current disappointment.

At the time, no I never got email saying it was shipped. But other times I have, so it’s a hit or miss

Problem is solved. Mistake was made by Amazon. The support asked me for pictures of the packaging which I send them. Today they asked me to return the earphones I received and they will give me a refund for my expenses. The Liberty 2 pro will be delivered next week because of high demand :disappointed::smirk:
Support was very helpful and quick.

Glad you got it sorted

Glad to hear things have been resolved @jacflo :slightly_smiling_face:

What else should be?
The support is excellent.