Our believe in IT!

We are all here involved in IT and I know many of you are working in IT section.
So my question is:
Are we slaves of IT today?
(I am not talking about AI)

Why many users do believe in IT, always working perfectly?
(We all know it DOES NOT)
So why we are submitting ourselves in this way?
And why we are afraid to get attacked when using it, using such vulnerable OS.

I am not a GREEN! :wink:

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Good topic :+1:t2:

In today’s life style, everything is tied to Internet or smart Devices (smart assistants, phone) … be it email, web alerts, communication, interaction, shopping, shipping… And more…

We have made to depend a lot on the IT, and all of it is managed by few handful of large Internet companies – Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, with others playing catch-up.

Google and Amazon pretty much know who we are and what we do… through our emails, shopping, our addresses, phone number, our browsing habits :joy:

I am just wotried, in future - hope Credit agencies don’t collaborate with these companies to decline a loan or credit company :rofl:

Good you brought this up!
Nothing works these days without IT. Unless you chose to live in wilderness by yourself.

But I can reduce my dependence!

We are talking about malware.
Mostly its made for WIN-OS.
Because nearly everybody is using it.
Same with ANDROID at phones.
Installing some “free apps” with trojans and virus only because those are free?

Do we really need such “intelligent bulbs” etc, with built in chips which can be “abused”.

I know, I got some special views an opinions.

Skynet is real, and it’s happening now. Where is Sarah Connor to.protect us? lol

UK passports come with a chip, in the chip is the original passport. Now although it can be “hacked” you can’t change the info on it. You can read it, but apparently it can’t be changed.

With most of the chips in home automation the range is so small, that only someone who is.outside.your home on.your WiFi, can change it.

The biggest weakness being the homebase which is the controller. Not having anything that can be controlled, it can’t be overtaken!

Oh, I have 1 Alexa speaker (until it’s time to send back) but no other things, so I know I’m safe.

Most homebase products are pure on/off products…
Alexa turn on…
Alexa turn off…
Alexa tell everyone to come for dinner!

Chips are just switched, and other than maybe make someone extremly paranoid (who.keeos turning on the cooker?) I’m not sure what would be the gain to control someone’s home gadgets.

Yes, I’m warning all the time on FB that companies are not the genuine ones, they have no “tick” :white_check_mark:, people still think that a company really has 100 partly new old models to give away, or a thousand iPhones without wrapper… Or … Or …

Greed. It’s all about how much I can get free or how much money can I grab! How many times have we heard… Old Mr j.doe, had his life savings stolen … After he went to claim 100k from a badly worded email… Greed.
Contestants losing all their jackpot, by going next question… Greed.

Greed will kill so many people, not technology.

How can we be slaves to something that has no mind of its own? IT can’t think, and can’t know anything we don’t tell it. How then can it control us?

I have been involved in IT since before it was even known as IT.

I minimize my own personal dependence on what is the “in” thing (“Smart” everything) but at the same time, also have to know the intricacies.

Will people know what to do when the internet goes down and it comes time to use their “Smart” toilet?

Too much “Smart” in non-humans can have a negative effect on real humans.

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I mean anything I do with technology works flawlessly all the time every time 35% of the time…

I was in the IT field for almost 10 years and ended up leaving it because of health reasons. I now do basic IT stuff for clients on the side because I can’t leave it 100%

I think most people are in need of IT or will need it at some point.

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