P-P-P-Party Time (Times 100!) | Checking Out PartyCast!

Where my party puh-party party puh-party people at!?!?

Probably in whichever room has all the Soundcore Flare 2 speakers, if I had to guess. And wow, are there a lot of them. This is something we’ve talked about before, but with people preparing their own virtual gatherings, safe local parties, or mixtures of those for the holidays, it’s as good a time as any to revisit PartyCast.

Some of you may be asking, “wow, PartyCast, that sounds like putting some fun lights at the end of a rod and casting it into the lake to give the fish a party.” And, no. No it’s not. Don’t be silly.

What it actually is, is a way for you to sync up to 100 Flare 2 speakers together, creating an awesome light show that fills an entire room! Don’t believe me? Well fine, maybe you’ll believe Linus as he sets up his own:

PartyCast also works with our other LED speakers as well. Not just Flare 2, but connect your Rave Neo or Rave Mini speakers as well!

So what if you were like Linus, and had 100 speakers? What would be the first thing you’d listen to with your humongous audio setup? Or, more realistically, let’s leave the 100 speakers thing aside for a minute…what PartyCast speakers do you already own? Have you gotten the chance to try out this feature yet?

Let us know in the comments, and if you’re interested in checking out some PartyCast-enabled speakers for yourself, I’ve dropped some links down below.

But before we get to that, you DO have a chance to get some of our hottest audio gear for free by following this link to the Linus/Soundcore giveaway now! Good luck!

Now, party on, Collective!

PartyCast Speakers Available Now


Since I am at Disney for a week it has to be Disney theme song or Thunderstruck by ACDC. Lol. Just flare 2

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I’ve got the Rave Neo… I have yet to buy more to partycast together

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I’d consider buying Partycast if they made it do shared mono vs left / right channel, as it is the TWS still has some advantage if you only want two speakers.

The move to Partycast to be a superset of TWS, for TWS to be retired and Partycast to have TWS and shared mono, would then be ideal.


Most of us have to avoid any parties with a lot of people taking part.


As I get older, I guess party hard are not as important. I will leave the party hard to my high school senior son to do.

lol I think I pulled a shoulder muscle just carrying all of their stuff in the park. :rofl

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I think if I linked 100 speakers together regardless of the song I would get a visit by the police after a noise complaint.

Could be Cus I would play “Aqua - Barbie Girl” to annoy my neighbours :joy::joy::joy:


For us, I wouldn’t call it party hard anymore. For last few years, its been 6 or so couples over drinking beer and playing games or just hanging out.

Our guys nights are usually drinking beer, grilling, listening to music and hanging out. Sometimes its drinking and working on our cars. Other times its going to a bar or concert.

If its a guys weekend its crawling over big rocks with Jeeps and sitting around drinking… Sometimes its fixing them…


I would lose the battle to my kids and they would go with Frozen/Frozen 2 songs Let It Go & Into the Unknown.

It’s football season mode, so for me it would be The Glitch Mob version of Seven Nation Army. Go Bucks!

Sadly no PartyCast Speakers for me yet.

I like Partycast, but I wouldn’t call what we do partying hard. We have fun though.

Would love to do do that, even if I’d end up on the roof lol

@SoundcoreAaron Soundcore should start looking into PartyCast for Headsets such as Life Q10 / Q20 or Q30 (sad to see the latest headset as well missed this :frowning: )

Had mentioned this on one of the articles PartyCast for Soundcore Headphones & Headsets?

At least the 3-4 families I know are buying more of the BT transmitter to pair their headsets to TV for watching, and it is a struggle most of the time. If headsets had partycast, it would be easier to pair it to the main headset and 2-3 users.

Hope to see this sometime soon… :crossed_fingers:

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Headsets have smaller batteries so how the load on the primary look? Surely a Partycast host module?

Did I just invent something?

How about an Anker Bluetooth transmitter with PartyCast technology to go with @Shenoy PartyCast headphones so everybody can enjoy the tunes all the times

This is also requested here last year

Not sure if this inspired PartyCast in anyway but good to have it

May be time for Soundcore to create it :+1:t2:

This is a good idea.
But if the whole family is watching the SAME movie, they could use a soundbar instead. :grin:

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With young kids at home, we end up using headsets to watch shows at night :blush:, else sound system with Soundbar gets used during the day.

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I got it, :wink:

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Nice crawlers, I have some relatives that do similar with their hummer’s… always a joy when they get stuck…