P2 sale on soundcore site


P2 are currently 20 dollars off the Soundcore website with code.

Great deal :+1:

it is a good deal for great set of headset!

Nice savings and getting them directly from Soundcore website. :+1:

Nice sale!

Do we think Life P2 has a successor?

This $40 price is very common.

It is being retired or successor?

I love my LP2.

Nice deal @Duane_Lester

I too think somethings in the works for a new model…

@The_Professor and @TheSnarkyOne ,

I think something is going to be retired or have a newer model potentially as well. I have seen a couple of Liberty air sales having a decent discount as well (like 46 or 50 percent off) So I think it either Liberty air or P2 and with those discounts, it could be the airs from over the last few weeks.

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I own the original wireless Neo buds, I instantly didn’t like them as they fell out very easily, so they are in an emergency little kit with a Mini charger. I got the Life P2 for £33 and liked them on a value-for-money basis but I could only wear them indoors as they fell out less well than the Neo but still fell out too easily to go outdoors. The LP2 got as low as £30 at the Prime Day sale.

Part of my issue I have voluntary control of my ear canal and I push out wireless buds automatically whenever there is a loud sound. So I’m loathed to spend any significant $ on wireless buds, still prefer wired.

The LP2 are very good, and reviews show they are similar to better to the Air 2

So for the LP2 to be improved would require the Air 2 to also be improved as side by side the Air 2’s competitor is the LP2.

Thanks for sharing @Duane_Lester :ok_hand:

Sounds like you need the Life U2s - even if they fall out, they don’t go far. Probably should hop in on this weeks giveaway…

I’ll ponder that once what I am using now die


I just swap between them as they charge.

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