Pair 2 diffent pair of P2 earbuds


I like my Soundcore Life P2, unfortunalty I am good at loosing them. Therefore I have one remaining left earbud and one right one from a different pair.

Is there any chance to pair these 2 earbuds to one pair of stereo earbuds again or are they hardware wise unchangably paired only with the other earbud with which they are delivered?

Tnx for your help, I do not want to buy a third pair but really like to listen to stereo :slight_smile:

I personally do not know when they get paired such as if the “get paired” are in the case or if they do some process right before they are put in the case.

So I would try this.

  1. Take any pairing and delete it
  2. Put both earbuds in a case
  3. See if they will pair.

I am going to assume that they will not pair together.

You may want to look at the current tagged thread by Soundcore admin before trying for a 3rd pair of p2. The P3 will be released soon. So if you do a pre order for a dollar, you will be able to get them for 25 percent off. So it will be like 60 instead of 80. They have ANC and a few other bells and whistles and some new colors as well.

I think the one paired ones will still be good for other activities such as work. I usually only do one when working. My best use of a one earbud is to listen to my wife. :wink:

I don’t think it’s possible. But you should try.

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Not optimistic but I’d delete all pairings, place them in case and follow the reset instructions.

Good luck.

Let us know how it goes, either a method which worked or proved it doesn’t work, so the next one asking knows the answer.


Thanks guys for the comments.
The pairing Duane suggested did not work but I have found the ultimate solution: I have found the lost earbud. :joy:

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Regardless. We’d all still like to know if you can merge different P2 pair buds. Just to know for the future. You yourself may want to know for when you next lose an earbud.

One theory is the buds are hardcoded to each other in the factory. The other theory is each bud is soft coded to it’s pair via the case reset.

Healthy skepticism the only answer to a lost bud is a buy a whole new set as the only answer.

Would say it will not work.
I suppose these are connected by hardware.