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Hello all. Over the past 2 years, work has provided to a pair of Jabra 710s for me to use. Great loud speakers with amazing sound quality. Well long story short, I need to give them back. I wanted to to get a set for myself, but at a price tag of $300 EACH that’s not happening. I’ve got a few different anker/soundcore products and I like them, however one of them is probably 8 years old and the sound quality isn’t as good as I think a current speaker could produce. So here’s my question. What soundcore product allows me to pair 2 speakers together and will give me the best sound quality at the same time? I realize that several of the product lines can pair together but I’m interested in sound quality as well. These will mostly be used within the home/yard not at the beach or other places like that.


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There are so many soundcore speakers you can pair.
Two modi of paring exist , depending on the model :
TWS or Partycast.

Depends on what you prefer.
If you had come to a decision what type of pairing you will use,
take a further look at the different models.

BTW : At the moment I use 2 Flare minis (TWS paired) in my tiny “home office”
ca 20sqm.
Absolutely perfect for me and the room
(volume is about 35%)

Although I have gotten a few speakers, I do not know all of speakers that they have but I think a few questions are needed asked.

What is your budget for the two speakers?
Would you rather have both speakers the same or willing to have them different?
Would you want to potentially pair more than 2 speaker (partycast)?

Personally I like having two Motion Booms paired in TWS. I really like mine! :heart:

First decision is if you prefer:

  • two speakers each broadcasting a merged mono. If so you go down Partycast (or some are TWS in shared mono mode)
  • two speakers, one is left channel and other is right channel - so you get stereo separation. That is what is called TWS.

Based on your answer to that question you either need to buy two identical speakers who support TWS, or buy two speakers who both support Partycast.

I’m not sure Soundcore actually makes any speaker which sounds bad, they all sound good.

I have Motion+ (supports TWS) and Mini 3 (Partycast) and had and gifted a Flare Mini (TWS) and they each sound fine.

If I were pushed into a corner and forced to decide, I’d probably go for two Motion+ as it’s something I have and sounds great.

I don’t like loud sound, nor bass, but like sound quality and probably Motion+ is the best sound quality I have heard from what I own.

I’ll throw in my two schillings…

I have a pair of the flare minis, and through magic of coscto 3 flare 2s.

While I do appreciate the left / right separation of sound the the flare minis provide, and the outstanding battery life (20+ hrs), I like the flare 2s just a wee bit more… being able to have more than two setup and controllable by the app is quite key for me.

Posted below, my reviews on both, bearing in mind the mini review is prior to obtaining a second through the weekly giveaway here.

Ps. Costco here had a 2 ok of the flare 2s for $109 I believe :canada: So was hard to pass up that price late last year.

Flare mini review

Flare 2 review

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