Pairing question

Is it possible to pair soundcore flare mini,flare+ and soundcore trance all together? Thanks

Those devices can not pair together since they do not offer partycast mode.
They only do stereo pairing to the same model speaker.

As far I know there are only 2 speakers of the same model possible to pair via “TWS”.
If you got models from the “partycast” line, pairing of different models should be possible.
Flare mini and Flare + are TWS speakers.
Trance I dont know,

If you do not know, partycast is the Soundcore technology that allows speakers to be connected to each. It allows up to one hundred speakers to be connected. Although I do not think those mentioned above has that ability but several others do.(2 examples are soundcore 3 and Flare 2).

There is actually a video on here where a streamer did it with100 flares 2.