PartCast Sub - blow our minds

To whom it may concern … love SoundCore PartyCast. Just got two Rave Neo speakers and two Flare 2 speakers and I am losing my mind on how solid and cool these devices are.

… but wait … there could be MORE …

Want to drive audiophiles and “wanna-be” home DJs to the Soundcore store in droves … create a monster >50Watt sub only that will sync PartyCast. While the bass response for the Neo is “ok” linking these speakers to a separate sub (AC or battery powered) would just make the whole innovative PartyCast and Rave party speaker line come alive like Frankenstein’s monster.



Do not have yet but good to know they are good

A sub seems like a nice suggestion. A little niche yes but still a market out there. @Duane_Lester you could change the category to suggestions so Soundcore Team can look at it faster

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@Shivam_Shah | Thanks for the reply, changed the Topic Category to “Suggestion” - will see what it nets us all.



What I do to get as close to subwoofer bass as I can is I custom EQ my Rave Neo to have the low bass turned up all the way and leave the other bars down all the way, put it in the corner of the room i’m using, then I connect my Rave Neo and Soundcore 3 together using PartyCast. This way I get the clean and quality sound from the Soundcore 3 and the deep bass from the Neo combined, and the bass is way better than normal use because the Neo is in the corner.

But I agree, a real dedicated sub with PartyCast to get more real deep bass would be a really cool addition to the speaker lineup.

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This is a great idea… hoping something is in the works…

I whole heartily agree that a sub would add a dimension of difference.

Absolutely agree. I also have multiple soundcore speakers and it would be great to have a serious subwoofer only speaker to put somewhere. hey why not take the tweeters our of the neo rave and make it a 6inch downfiring woofer??