Party for levelling up

Copying a post from the Anker forum. Thought it would be good to have a thread here to congratulate people on levelling up.

Don’t know when I’m due to reach level 4 though :man_shrugging:t2: Although this post might help get me closer. :tongue:


Level 4 in 68 more points :wink:

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I thought about making one, but I figured the one from @Loz was good enough. This is great though!

I’m shocked that I have already surpassed my level from anker! That’s crazy!

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You can create the “weekend activities” thread :joy:

“Weekend activities- old thread re-re-Eminated”

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@Loz I have a suggestion about leveling up. As you level up, you get special perks. For instance you can enter special “high level” drawings for being level 15+ or so. This way it rewards being a long term active member.

I’m sure you (more creative) folks at soundcore can come up with other benefits as well!

There should be several high level members to take part in contests like that after the point transfer.

The way some have levelled up so fast and with Anker points still to transfer, I wouldn’t be surprised if the points system is tweaked…either that or more levels are gonna be needed :laughing:

I mean, I’m not going to be able to continue getting 40 referrals per month, I only have so many friends (though I do have around 800+ people’s phone numbers haha).

It just keeps coming back to life! :rofl:

That would be interesting as could potentially see Lvl 20 here quicker than on the Anker forum :thinking:

Edit: and I might level up a few ranks myself. I’m miles behind

Woooohoooo! Level 11

I won’t Be in front once the points transfer soon lol

Congrats :muscle:t2:

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For not having sent out my referral link this month, I’m sort of rocking the points haha

Seriously? Luckily they weren’t quicker on the draw or last month you would have been way in first for no reason. Lol

If Linus Tech Tips was using a referral link for the giveaway competition, you would have some serious competition for this months most referrals record @TechMan :laughing:

Did you watch his video?

Custom branded Liberty Pro 2 :scream:

Yep, not normally into rose-gold as a colour but against the black and with the logo, certainly looks sweet :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the points reminder.

Boom level 4 :muscle:t2:


Congrats @k_pug2003!

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