PartyCast for Soundcore Headphones & Headsets?

PartyCast for Headphones and Headsets

Now with PartyCast Technology by Soundcore in Flare 2 speakers, it would be of great help for enabling this for Headsets. Can this enabled for Soundcore headsets such as Life Q10 / Q20 or even for the Compact Liberty Series with audio source paired to First Primary headset as input and add further Secondary headsets over PartyCast.

This is great for private listening modes at home for many watching TV without making noise and still enjoying the content :blush:

I am using Apple Airpods just for this now with Roku private listening … (I don’t really like this method of usage)

Plus other option is Bluetooth transmitter… Equally clumsy… One headset does not pair all the time, needing to reset and pair again.

PartyCast for Headphones / Headsets removes all these issues and helps pair faster…

Earlier had a similar requeat for Headsets but based on Stereo Pairing, PartyCast is a better option adding more headsets (in my opinion). @galaxy.zhang @loz your thoughts, insights…

All members, users – what are all your thoughts?

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This is a pretty interesting concept!

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My family would really enjoy this. Especially on car trips, where some want to listen to a book together, and others very specifically do NOT want to. Sounds like a fun idea to make happen.

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