PartyCast Latency Even With AUX

I just bought a Rave PartyCast, and I was immediately disappointed upon trying it out, as there is a very noticeable delay when using the AUX input. I planned to use this largely for live music stuff, so this definitely won’t work as-is. There are no firmware updates available and I don’t see any options for this in the Soundcore app. I have tried using the same devices/cables with a different speaker and there was no latency, so I am sure it’s the speaker itself causing the issue. Is there something I’m missing? I don’t really want to have to return it, but if there’s no solution to this I’ll definitely have to. Imperceptible latency with an aux input is a must.


It’s probably the DSP, but you would think it wouldn’t be noticeable using the Aux input. I’d contact Customer Support and voice my concerns:

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There should be an app access and probably with that a firmware access

Don’t have this speaker. Strange issue. I will join others in suggestion to contact vustomer service.

Any delay issues when wireless?

What is the length of the aux cable? Is it possible that it’s quite long?

Unfortunate indeed, maybe do a reset on both devices and give another go?

Are you using android or iOS? Maybe computer.

Win 10>

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Is anyone going to help to solve the problem? someone must be responsible. it might be ok with a firmware update. I have the same issue and thought Anker company cares about customers.

As stated above, I am guessing you are up to date on the firmware.

This mainly the community page and not Soundcore service department. I do not use speakers as much but as @Steve976 has given info to contact support.

There is two components and although it may be a delay for you with it, you may want to eliminate the device part of it as it will help when you do call to check to see if there is something else they can help you on.

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