Pass through mode - issue Life q30

I don’t know if it is only my unit, but I just don’t seem to hear the pass trhough mode working. I only heard it once - a nice robotic voice of a person saying something to me. Other than that the pass through just doesn’t work - it only switches ANC off :frowning:
There is also an issue with sleep mode. Not that I need it desperately but it simply does not work. I cannot hear any sound when I turn it on :frowning:

Can you help?


Q30 ?

Yes. That’s right.

You have the Soundcore app installed? You have the latest firmware? If you have the app then yes, it’s the first thing it does.

You may have have a dud unit, but on mine the ANC physical button it cycles between normal, transparency, noise cancelling. The app has you select from a button noise cancellation, transparency mode, normal.

So in transparency you said it switches ANC off on mine when I switch from normal (passive noise cancelling) to transparency the outside noise increases, doesn’t sound remotely like nothing on my head but more of the high pitched sounds get through, everything sounds like a crisps packer crinkling.

My issue is normal is like ANC without the hiss. 2nd replacement unit.

I have installed the app.
I have the latest firmware.
Everything works fine but transparency and night mode.
Should I get the replacement unit, then?

Support will ask you similar to here initially. That will include asking you to do a full reset.


Try again after reset. You’ll have to pair again probably and connect again in app.

Then if its still bad, then email support, proof of purchase, serial number (photos, printed on box and on the phones in very faint lettering) , say yes you have latest firmware, and the app and you reset, they need your delivery address. Not sure what country you’re in but in UK they send me a replacement (DHL from Poland) and asked me to post back to a very dodgy looking building and send evidence of postage (emailed photo of postage receipt) and they credited me the postage cost.

I live in Poland :slight_smile:
The thinng is I bought it from aliexpress (but supposedly from the official Anker store as they say on the webpage), wehen I typed in the ID number I received the message that the nymber is invalid.

if you’re jumping through hoops with Aliexpress, then give it a day or two here for someone else to help. Email support to get a ticket number at least now (automated) but don’t do the warranty replacement effort just yet, may be cleverer than me along shortly…

Ambient mode turning ANC off sounds like a fault, I have 3 distinct noises, “normal” is same to the headphones powered off , so passive, ANC is like normal with added hiss, transparency is halfway between headphones off and not on my head at all, the higher frequencies are passed thru everything sound is either not transmitted or just the higher pitch sounds similar to crisp packets. 2nd unit so think it’s their deliberate design intention rather than dud. If yours not like mine then probably dud but wait here a while…

Thanks. Now after I reinstalled the app at least night mode is working. I paired the app previously installed with liberty2, which I also have :slight_smile:
Everytjing seems to work better now :slight_smile:

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Good you made some progress. Reinstalled app only? Do a reset too. You might need to do a reset after a firmware upgrade, to have what the upgrade does applied from the default.

I did a reset 3 times already :slight_smile:

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