Perfect Sound For Your Weird Ears

Once you get to the point where you can’t hear anymore, hold down the button for approximately 3 seconds, and then let go. Do this each time it goes to a new frequency you can’t hear.

That should work


Thanks @TechMan, thought of getting into the giveaway this week but not any more. Will wait for a better one , hopefully next week and go all in. @danielle.yuan @Beauty please respond to this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! Will attempt it when I get home. From the third secction of the trst I can’t hear anything duento my condition so I will try that to see if the test gives me a lower level of decibels and as such increases the volume of the frequencies. The issue with the test is that I would think that if I can’t hear and don’tpush the button, the trst would assume that I can’t hear that frequency and assign me a low decibel level to my hearing. It just leaves my hearing in the middle default.

But I will try the tip, thanks again!


Looking forward to getting my hands on the pro and testing this out


Is it more sad that I totally agree with you? Or that I am still stoked for an app to tune my “cant hear right” issues at only 36?

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Nice info. More stuff to research

Anyway, I know my ears are weird, but how did you know? SPY!

Playing guitar for over 20 years several thousand watts through 2 pr more 4x12 speaker cabinets really screwed up a lot of my hearing in the higher frequency ranges. More so in my right ear than my left.
This is the biggest reason I began experimenting with earbuds. It does not seem as pronounced with the music that close to my inner ear.

I’m very curious to see what difference I may be able to hear once my set arrives.

Maybe I can finally turn the treble down to a more normal level.
This seems like a great feature. I know many who have lost much more hearing than I did.

Up until 17 years ago, I couldn’t wear in-ear earphones/buds. My ears are not only small, but they used to stick forward by enough to cause wind resistance… Honestly true!

I finally had an operation to pin my ears back, so I looked normal (it’s just a look :crazy_face:).

When I got my next phone after this, I suddenly realised I could wear the earphones that came with the phone… So I rushed out n got a nice pair of jabra.

I still get issues with my left ear, as not all fit still. My galaxy buds for instance, regardless of silicon it doesn’t fit snuggly.

My life P2 fit better, but still not perfect on my left ear… But it’s better.

I’m moderately deaf in both ears, and SHOULD wear hearing aids, but it’s a hassle (have to remove to listen to music, and then store them) and they hurt my ears, so I dont wear unless I’m meeting people, or going to a hospital/benefits appointment… Best to hear what they say!

I spent 20 good years being a sound tech, and never used cans, just done it by the sound coming from the speakers… That’s what people hear, not what’s inside my headphones!

My phone has a setting for a sound profile…

If you click the add, you get pic three…

Add personalised sound profile

This is on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, running Pie and Samsung One OS.

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The HearID is the most amazing feature. I have tried it and it creates a unique experience when using the earbuds. The volume for calls/media is tuned to suit my personal hearing. No other word to describe it but perfect :ok_hand:. I often use the earbuds one at a time so I can be aware of my surroundings and the HearID tests both the left and right ear frequencies. These are the only earbuds I’ve kept in for hours at a time listening to anything because the fit and volume makes a comfortable listening experience.

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And are all of those settings enough to make a big difference for you?

I don’t know? lol

I use a good music app with a good range of EQ, that I can set to get the sound I want.

I must say in mono mode, the life P2, is great for calls, and really clear. As you can’t change their settings etc, but what it is that gives them this clarity, I don’t know?

I rarely go au naturale! I usually have a setting set, somewhere! Highs really hurt my ears, apparently due to my hearing loss (and losing most of the top Hz… This also means I lose the clarity of letters that gave the same Hz and get so confused… You might say, do you want a bacon butty … And I’ll hear, baby bunting! For example).

So I tend to make my ear things bassy, and have done even before my hearing loss was noticeable .

So I tried TechMan suggestion and it did not work. I have done the test dozens of times and cannot achieve the results I want. With my left ear all is good, the test works as it should. On my right ear, since from the second third fill out line I do not hear, the line stays right in the middle in the end if I do the test normally since I do not push the button for most of the test.

What I want is for the line in the right ear to go WAY down, as down as possible in all frequencies. As you can see in my test on the treble, just like that but throughout all the spectrum. Does somebody know a way to do that? At what times to push the button to achieve that? I am happy with the earphones, but I am not sing HearID which was the main reason I bought them, but cannot get it to go down on my right side to compensate for my hearing loss. Thanks for the help!

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Which pair are you talking about the Liberty pro 2?

I was comparing the liberty air to the liberty air 2

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Greetings everyone,i’m having issues with Hear ID as well.My results are very low in sound,compared to the much better sounding presets.L2p user.

The app isn’t recognizing my Liberty 2s, which is really annoying seeing as the big selling point was HearID. Regardless of whether it made it better I’d like to be able to try it. They connect to my phone and I can make calls, listen to music, etc. but the app doesn’t recognize them. It works for my Life NCs. But after resetting the Buds several times and deleting and re downloading the app I gave up and Emailed support…waiting on a reply.

I have them and I agree with your disagreement. Mine fit right out of the box and there are like 20 options to choose from. The directions even show you how to put them in. You have to twist them a bit and they lock right in.

My L2P fit right out of the box and did not need to use the additional eartips…

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