Permanently charging battery in case


the headphones are stored in the box when not in use. Isn’t that bad for the battery life, if they are constantly in the charging current and kept at 100% again and again?

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These will stop charging once they reach 100%, you can open the case where the light comes ok n briefly but it will still not charge unless the battery has gone down. But once back at 100% they stop charging

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Is that a sure thing? And if it has charged to 100% and then stops, could the battery theoretical discharge into the case again? Because that’s how it should happen, if what you say is true.

It’s not bad as in it will burn out the battery, because it they do stop charging; however, the case will keep try to get the earphones to 100% every time they are below it. So they won’t get the opportunity to fully drain and recharge back up, unless the case dies.

Good question I too was wondering about that.

On the internet you can also read from apple airpods that the battery capacity has drastically deteriorated, perhaps because they are always stored in the box.

I will probably only put the Liberty in the case when it needs to be recharged.

The trouble with that is they could get lost more easily than they would if stored in the case.

That’s right, I need an altenative case. I would like to use the headphones for more than 1-2 years, so I prefer to find an alternative case.

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