Personalised Moulded Buds

There’s sometimes problems of in-ear buds not fitting well enough for individual tastes, but what if you could get a kit to create perfectly moulded silicon (or other soft non-intrusive material) ear buds?

There are a few on the market, but the price is prohibitive.

There are also Comply soft earbuds that use a sort of memory foam to fit in the ears, but these are not perfect.

What I would like to see is cost effective buds that adapt to each individuals ear type, sure the round ones that most manufacturers provide are okay, but it takes a lot of trial and error getting the right fit. (& won’t fall out, or worry the user they might fall out & get lost)

Maybe Soundcore could take this onboard and set about designing just the buds to compliment the great sound quality from the devices outputs?

If anyone is interested in the custom moulded buds, take a look at the SNUGS Website - very pricey, they do list one of the Anker Sportsbuds, but you would be paying 8-10x cost of the earphones just for custom fit buds.

Comments? (Not on price, I’ve covered that, and some will just moan about cost)

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They look awesome, but there is no way I could justify the price. Maybe if my earphones are something that I always have one I will kind of consider this but just to use them once in a while I can see how to justify this much money. If I win the lottery I promise to get them :joy:

I’ve always thought the idea was cool. I would like to see more company’s jump on board with this concept- as it pushes innovation

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Maybe this would be the future, earphones makers will send some kind of malleable plastic that you out in your ear and then you cook it. I remember a few years ago when I used to lift weights some company had some shoes that you will put in the over for a few min and then you will put them on so they change to your feet form.


The price is very high indeed.
But the idea is really a good one, because there are always some customers
who can not use the given plugs.

There should be materials available which can be formed first and hardened after.
I remember there are some plastics which can be backed in a simple oven.
But this was a kind of granulate, melted only. So it would not work.

Another way would be hardening it by UV.

Old hear aids had such too.

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I actually want ear caps. Form fitting all the way around the outside of my ears, to give me that beautiful sound in isolation from the world with inserting anything into my ear hole.

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