Phone does not connect to bluetooth mic

My phone keeps connecting to the built-in microphone instead of my soundcore set, I tried this with other Bluetooth earphones and same issue happens.

What kind of phone? What are the soundcore earbuds being used?

Android should have a cog on the BT and there should be at least options. One should be I think call.

If off, turn on , and try it again.

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I am using Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, along with Life A2 NC earbuds.

I checked the BT options and they are all on.

The problem still stands.

My wife has the Galaxy 7, I think. I do not have the A2NC but do have several others.

I tend not to use the earbuds for calls too much. So, I am probably not the best to help you on this but others may have additional tricks for it.

Like a pc sometimes you may need to reset the pc to fix minor issues. So if you have not done, it I would think to restart the earbuds, lose the connection and redo the BT.

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You can use for media or phone calls, and contact sharing. All 3 should be enabled.

Sometimes Android gets confused, so a cleaning mud bath wipe cache nearly always does the trick.

Do each of these steps in turn.

  • put buds in case, connect case to power.
  • Delete the pairing on your phone.
  • Go to settings, apps, show system, bluetooth, force stop, storage, clear cache.
  • Disable phone bluetooth.
  • Reboot phone.
  • reset the buds. In your case its

I’d then leave them a minute. Check the flashing lights looks as per above. If not, do it again.

  • Turn phone bluetooth on.
  • Take buds out and pair.

That usually, 95% of the time, fixes the problem.

The underlying cause is complex and basically not Soundcore fault, it happens eventually with all bluetooth products and sometimes bad luck it’s this time with Soundcore, which if never encountered before makes you incorrectly think there’s a fault when in truth if you’d attempted another product at this time the same issue would have happened. Android isn’t storing the bluetooth profiles correctly, the database gets corrupted the above fixes it.

Thank you for the response,

I followed exactly your steps and the problem is still there.

I tested the buds with my friend’s iPhone and the buds microphone worked just fine.

Then with another friend, I tested the buds with his android phone, and he has the same problem as me (Only built-in microphone is working and not the buds’).

I called Samusung and they said the buds are most likely not greatly compatible which causes the buds’ mic to not be connected.

Can you or someone please elaborate whether this judgement is true. I bought these buds because it says they are compatible with android, so how come the mic worked with an iPhone and not an Android ???

The fact you have same issue on another phone would tend to suggest something else and so I probably thinking you’re right - there’s something else going on here.

One workaround was to put the buds back in the case and wait 10 minutes. I saw that fix once and didn’t believe it, but trying to help.

They are compatible with Android.

Nose around in Developer Mode settings for bluetooth, may be something for these specific buds and Samsung specifically.

I don’t have these buds but have 3 Soundcore buds and 3 different Android and not issues so my out-the-gate suggestion of just resetting is usually a good outcome.

The friend who has an Android has a Huawei, and when I connected my buds to his phone he has the same issue.

Also, I tested apple’s iPods on my phone and the same issue happened.

Please note, the way I test whether the problem is still there, is by sending a voice message to myself on Whatsapp and then listen to it. I move the phone closer and farther while talking to see how the sound varies if it’s louder when the phone is near my mouth and if the sound dies when the phone is far from me then the built-in mic is definitely the one on.

Bluetooth stack has headset and headphone profiles. Headset has microphone, headphone doesn’t.

On my Android devices - Huawei and OnePlus - I don’t have your issue (Life P3, Neo, Liberty Air 2) but you remind me of an issue from Windows 10.

What I’d dig deeper into is your app settings and audio settings while paired with these buds. Developer mode, look at the versions of the profiles.

Also email - they may know a fix - and if they don’t then consider returning due to this issue, sorry none here got you a quick resolution.


Thank you for your assistance.

Since you seem to have tested different buds on different devices, may I ask about one more thing?
There is also another issue I have with these buds.

When I connect them to my windows laptop, then record a voice note or send a voice message. And then after that, if I play any sounds from any source (Youtube, music, listening to the voice note I just recorded) The sound keeps cutting off as if I was really far from the bluetooth range. The problem seems to only resolve when I turn bluetooth off then back on.

Any idea why this is happening? Is it not meant to happen and that is a sign that I should probably return these buds?

Are you in the context of switching between Windows 10 and Android?

IF the issue resolves bluetooth off/on then it’s probably not a hardware fault with the buds in your hands. It is probably related to bluetooth versions between devices. You cannot connect to new version and then connect to an older version without an on/off type event.

I don’t exactly know what you mean, but this is a different topic now, I’m purely asking about using the buds on my Windows 10 laptop, no android involved

So every person has a unique local combination. You may have a dud unit but that is unlikely. More likely is you have a version issue between the buds, phone, Windows.

The Bluetooth stack has issues where the chipset cannot switch between versions of bluetooth. Turning off/on often fixes it.

It is probably the case if you swapped these buds for the same model, the exact same issues would arise, as physically dud units are rare, and a different bud may work better for your hardware.

By the way, my Soundcore Neo buds work well with my laptop but badly with my phone, my LA2P work badly with my laptop but well with my phone, my Life P3 works well with everything. There is no “better” or “worse” just some things get along better by random luck. Or so it feels.

I tested this again, the buds/windows 10 problem seems to have faded away for some reason, I hope it stays like that.

On a side note about the previous issue, recording voice notes on my laptop using the buds’ microphone works just fine, the voice is only picked up by the buds. Which makes it even stranger why the android devices I tested only used phone’s built-in mic.

Try - turning buds off, put in case for 10 mins, take buds out. You’re reminding of some user’s experience.

Not a good experience - agreed.

The core is a versioning issue. Typically Windows is older versions and a bud will work with older then newer, but not newer then older, so some combinations of usage works better. Not a specific issue with Soundcore, but newer buds will connect to a newer bluetooth then not work with older until you turned then off then on, but will connect to older version then connect to newer version. That may come across as random but be aware of versions and sequence of connection.

How can I check the version number for each device’s bluetooth ?

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Usually just google your device.

But what can happen is (commonly) a Windows laptop is BT 4.2 , a phone is BT 5. The buds when they connect to a laptop first, will become locked to 4.2, then will connect to 5.0 and it works. But if you connect to phone 5.0 then then Windows 4,2, it will stutter. The fix to stuttering is turn buds off/on (put in case, wait) and then connect to Windows first.

Your situation may be different, search their versions.

Also - the problem may not be versions, I could be sending you down blind alley.

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Hello there!

I went to the nearest Samsung store today, I asked them to try Galaxy buds on my phone (to eliminate the doubts about compatibility problems with Anker), the same issue happened! Then I asked them to try my Anker buds on their Galaxy S21 phone, they encountered the same issue on their phone too! The store engineer seemed surprised and confused by these results.

We kept in mind that the Anker buds worked just fine on my windows laptop and on an iPhone.

When I got home, I realised that I never tested the buds in a phone call, I just kept recording voice notes.

So I have made a phone call using the Anker buds, and they seem to work just fine (their mic was picking up instead of the phone’s built-in mic)!

So overall, I can only use the Anker buds for calls but not for voice messaging.

So since all the Android devices I tested during this process did not use the buds’ mic in voice recording.

And since you own a bunch of Android devices, does that mean when you record an audio/voice note, only your built-in mic is in use. While if you are in a call, the buds’ mic will be in use.

Can you please check this for me and let me know about your results.

I appreciate your cooperation in this matter!

It is app-specific. I don’t have the issue on any of my apps.

The app has to use the mic from headset mode and speaker from headphone mode.

Any idea how can I adjust these apps for this purpose ?