Phonecall audio

Every time I am on a call, the other person can hear every little nackground noise. Is there a way to prevent that? I usually get nothing but complaints when I am using my earbuds.

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Which product?

I agree which products. Plus it seems to have some good microphones .

Thread is worthless without product specified.

I am so sorry. I did not realize that I forgot the product information. I am currently using the Liberty Air Pro 2. There seems to be a lot of background noise on my end. The person I am on the call with, usually says that they can hear everything going on in the background.

I do not have as much background noise on my end but I introduced background noise (radio near me) and still did not get that much.

Is it picking up more background noise than your voice. One option is to make sure that the earbuds are pointed toward your mouth. (which should be where they are pointed ).

I do not do much with phones with earbuds that much but check the BT setting that they have the phone part active as well.

Do you have two phones and can swap alternating mute to debug this? Would help.

I’d check the buds mic is actually being used not the phone mic. Phone yourself (another phone, e.g landline) and tap around and try to debug.

Usual advice is if product is behaving odd is delete pairing, reboot phone and reset the buds and pair again. Sometimes helps fix oddities.

You know that is a great thought. I had that happen to me several months back when I started to use my earbuds for a few calls and it took me a few tries to realize I was not using the earbuds mics.

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