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Send a PM so they can’t say they didn’t know

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I knew it was happening some here or there but it was a little bad last night and was making sure not my internet.

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I’ve reported it 3 different ways.

I thought it was me initially, began at Anker, now here, and others having similar so it’s not us.

Right now we can’t point fingers at other than ourselves by not reporting. We don’t know who is admin exactly but they may simply not be aware, so report it is our responsibility until there’s a “we know” reply.

At first I also thought it was the fault of my internet network being overloaded (remote learning for my 3 kids).
But distance learning is over, and it’s bad - even late at night. I don’t know if you noticed, but in about three months the number of Soundcore user accounts increased from about 1 million to 1.25 million. This is a huge increase for servers as well.

This has nothing to do with the internet connection.
You all should write a pm to the “staff folks”.
May be they read.
Will be double posted as usual by that time out

This has nothing to do with the internet connection.
You all should write a pm to the “staff folks”.
May be they read.
That’s really not a representation of an international company at all.
Double post created by that … time outs.
I will give it up here!

Numbers of users is significantly a bot but that’s not the cause of this particular issue.

It’s not a load issue either.

So it must be a configuration issue.

If you look at the html raw it appears to be back end configuration with their AWS reverse proxy.

Odd they ignored it for weeks…

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In living color.


Nice photos

Soundcore Air 2 Pro and wifey painted water color sky :blush:


Nice pictures with the English landscape :clap:.

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“Reverse proxy”
Thanks for the clarification. :slightly_smiling_face:

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With summer being here, I am going blue as in pool color. Device will be the Flare 2 as we will be using that a lot during the summer pool days


Nice color of water

as for my favorite color, its blue for me so here are some blue photos as well

Flare 2 Making Waves

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Hey @Chiquinho not sure what you mean by ‘admins are thumb’, but in the future, if you are experiencing any problems with the site please send me or any of the team a private message.


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There are some amazing entries this week!

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We were talking about the server problems.
I dont know if you know about.
We all here dont know, if the admins are reading the threadsm we were discussing about that problems…
I was writing a pm to ANKER-official,. Hope Pei cares about.
But whom should we write here?
Please enlighten me.
I will write to such a person who cares about the server quality asap.

We try and keep up with many of the threads, but for this particular issue, we weren’t aware of it. If you are having any problems relating to the functionality of the site, it would be quicker to PM @Hannah @william.ward or myself and we can relay it to the IT team asap.

I’ve already passed this onto the IT team and expect to have some feedback from them soon.

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Thank you.
Its not only me having these issues.
We opened threads about those server probs…
But now we know to whom we can talk to.