Photo of The Week | Comfy on The Couch

This week we are setting the challenge for you to take a photo with your favorite Soundcore product, and take it while chilling on the couch (sofa or lounging furniture of your choice)! This should be a nice challenge that a lot of us can enjoy :blush:

Share pictures by the couch and remember to include your favorite Soundcore product in the photo!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


Well, I guess favorite is the most recent. :slight_smile: but could have been one of a few.

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I didn’t want to scare people by posting pictures of me, so I went with my Cats instead with Soundcore on the couch. :rofl:

Cali with the Q35 (Do you notice a trend here? My cats love sleeping on the couch :rofl:)

Buddy with the L3P

Gray Gray with the Motion Boom


Nice pic @Duane_Lester
Anybody else have a couch?:grin:


I have a couch. but I don’t use.
No more TV since 30 years., so the couch is not in use,
(Of course my wife has here private TV :smile:)
Without such a TV one is really FREE! Believe me. :rofl:


I love cats.
Had one tom cat when I was young.
But now the neighbour’s cats (Lizzy and Carlo) are enough!
They often show up and are begging for “things” and I can not resist,. :grin:


I stole the couch from the dog!


We all should have plenty of couches but not sure how to pretty it up. Lol

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Nice pic… and true that with the dog cushions text…they rule

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Unfortunately no.

There’s plenty of time to rest when in a box under the ground. I was walking today wearing my Frames, and thought of a bench with a photogenic view. Someone was sat on it enjoying life.

So no photo from me this week.

Good luck to those who submitted a photo.


You look really relaxed, wondering what you were hearing when the foto was taken?

If remember correctly, i was listening to the new single from Simple Minds# called Vision Thing.