Photo Of The Week | Easter

Show us how you’re celebrating Easter where you live (and if you don’t celebrate Easter, show us what you’re doing instead)!

Remember to include your favorite Soundcore product in the photo! Good luck!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:



Nice picture!

As kids got older, we have done less decorating the yard and plastic eggs. We end up going to grandparents house, eat, go to church and kids get Easter bunny presents

Do enjoy watching the flowers start to bloom


Are your flowers already blooming? In Poland, green buds are just appearing on trees…

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And we just had a dump of snow… 6 inches… March goes roar…

Glad to say it’s almost all gone​:joy::rofl:

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Wow I can’t believe it’s almost Easter it really doesn’t feel like it

No more snow. But doesn’t look like a spring

We start Easter today!
During Easter, we primarily go to church and pray.
He also spent a lot of time together at our table.
I also like looking for our children
eggs in the garden and pour plenty of water on Easter Monday.
We also offer ourselves and friends and a lot of wishes.
@Hannah, @sean.L and others Crew Members,
@TheSnarkyOne, @Chiquinho, @Duane_lester, @The_Professor, @VertigoXX, @Ram97
and to all those who read: believers and non-believers,
I would like to offer my best wishes for a healthy and joyful
Resurrection of the Lord!


Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych

Hope this is correct.

Thank you for your wishes.
You are really a great “new” member.

I am sure you will stay here and enjoy the community.

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I have to wait to submit my photo, as we don’t get the easter baskets ready until Sunday.


Easter Bunny is getting the full brunt of the audio waves being projected by the Soundcore speaker. :rabbit:

Thanks for sharing, Franz!

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Thanks @sodojka

Great photo, if the easter bunny hid earbuds, my would we have some fun :thinking:

Hope you have a great weekend, and keep safe.

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No problem.:+1:t2:
Come to Poland: on Monday, instead of eggs, there will be an
International Search for Liberty 2 Pro from a bunny.:joy:

Happy Easter again!:wave:t2:

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You are doing well in learning Polish.
You wrote without error.:wave:
I put the music and the community “in the closet”.:grin:
I want to pray and celebrate with my family without internet.I disappear for a few days.

Happy and healthy once again
Holidays of the Lord’s Resurrection!

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I never will, to complicated for an old man, like me.
German, English, Portuguese and a little bit of French is really enough.

But I have many polish friends here in München.
And they all speak German perfectly!:rofl:

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It’s kind of sad seeing how uneaster this Easter is for me this year

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Thank you for your wishes.
Today is the day for painting eggs in Lithuania.

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And if you have kids you have to hide these somewhere.
We did that when ours where small.
Such a lot of fun! :rofl: