Photo Of The Week | Explore With Soundcore

This week, let’s try something different! Get out the house, go exploring!

Take exploration to the next level! It can be landscapes, architecture, or in the wilderness! :herb:

You decide! Time to get your thinking caps on :billed_cap:

Go experience and explore the outdoors! Don’t forget to include your favorite Soundcore product in the image!

Let’s see what you’ve got! :camera_flash:


One of my favorite explorers is Alexander von Humboldt.
And not forget Ernest Shackleton. (His books to read are a must)
But how to follow their expeditions? :laughing:

I will think about.
Exploring our garden!

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Hey @william.ward,

You may want to pin this so that it does not get lost and is easy to find through the week.


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All pinned! Enjoy exploring :smiley:


Will explore away…


Exploring garden is the best exploring :smiley:

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I am not going to ask what this is as I would be to afraid to ask… :rofl:

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OK, there is another “explorer” you may like more! :


That one is better as the other one the nose cone was going to be nose cone temperature probing :rofl:

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I never supposed you to be the “pilot” in that NASA "explorer satellite!

Did go up to see my son at his college and we took him out to spend time out of the college to spend time with him…found a place or two for a pic

A couple from around the house


Here are the exploration effects :slightly_smiling_face:.
Nature also creates works of art.
You don’t believe? Look at that old pine root!

The squirrels did not manage to collect all the hazelnuts :grinning:.

You can also find an edible mushroom from which you can make a perfect cutlet: parasol mushroom :plate_with_cutlery:.

And today, unexpectedly, two boletes (Bunny boletus ) - twins have grown up next to my house :star_struck:


These ones were taken in spring, but I like the colors.

Will do others during the week.


The one with the cherry is pretty sweet

Exploring the beach to find petrified wood.

Found a few small pieces this trip out.


Nice pics.

Nice picture. I like the minimalism in the picture: only water and Flare :+1:t2:

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Found a strange bird in the garden, when “exploring” :grin: