Photo Of The Week | First Signs of Winter

Now that winter is creeping up…it’s time to showcase Soundcore and the first signs of winter! :snowflake:

This could be indoors by the fire :fire:, or outdoors braving the cold, time to get imaginative!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


No winter here sorry!
18C :rofl:

May be users from CA can take part.

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Snow was two weeks early… +15c here this week supposedly…

No snowmen making for me… yet… :snowman::snowman::snowman_with_snow:


Do we have members from the Inuit here?
They can take really winter photos!:joy:

I live in Georgia, I am not going have any signs of winter until early December.

It’s super cold today though. Sadly no snow to post a good photo lol. Was 43F (6C) this morning and pretty chilly right now at 54F (12C) @TheSnarkyOne :joy:

Yeah it was today was cold. My low was 37F(2.7C) and the high is only 55F(12.7). The temperature is going up later this week with highs in the 70s(21C-29C) though.

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oooo nice as much as i wish for snow for a picture the shoveling is something i can do without.

Great benefit of living down south :joy:. If it snows, city shuts down for good couple days. Snow dissolves mostly on its own without shoveling

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yeah no NYC takes a decent amount to shut down and the snow can take a really long time to go away.
Do you even get much snow?

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Normally once or twice a year in Northern Georgia. Didn’t see a single snowflake when I was down south

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Looking forward to seeing all the entries

Yeah down where I live it hasn’t snowed since 2017. Sometimes the weather forecast will say snow and get us all excited, but it never comes. :cry:

It would be kind of funny to know what people who live in the southern hemisphere are thinking of posting for this.

It did snow 1 day last year (at least here maybe 30 miles above you). Decent amount too but during Christmas break if I remember correctly

Winter hasn’t yet arrived here. Today is cool, but not looking like it will get cold for a little while yet.

I can create one but only if I really will win! :joy::joy::joy:


Hey Ashley,

Nice to see you around since the Halloween Giveaway. The picture is very nice. You will need to take a photo of your soundcore product.

The photo of the week is basically taking a photo of your soundcore products in the theme of the week. If it is selected, you can get points to add as you level up. You will get notes that you can save to get a coupon from the referral page and sometimes your picture may get selected to be used for social media which gives additional points and etc. Here is an example of last weeks winner that also got posted to soundcore’s Instagram account.

Again nice pic