Photo Of The Week | How do you work out at home?

This week’s challenge is focused on those fitness fanatics amongst us!

The photo can be based on anything to do with fitness! Do you have a home gym? Perhaps you have an area that is a favorite walking route or track you like to run. Show us what you got! :facepunch:

Remember to include your favorite product in the photo!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


Well I need to think a bit before posting😁

Hmm, lets see…

I use an elliptical with the Q30’s playin’ those tunes.

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Lol, would be a bit of a challenge to participate this time! :sweat_smile: I don’t think anyone ever has or ever will call me a fitness fanatic… :thinking::grin:🤷
I am fairly active/busy and do a lot of walking for work so I don’t have to exercise. Suppose if walking counts I might be onto something!

I mostly work out by walking, and occasionally by splitting wood.

Headphones are great for walking. Splitting wood I could use speakers I guess, but somehow the quiet except for the wood splitting or the sledgehammer striking are preferable for me.

My daughter-in-law and I do 5 minute planks a minimum of twice a day in addition to our yoga which is also 2-3 times a day. She also walks on a treadmill and works out on a home gym. I also do tai chi, Zumba, as well as doing exercise classes 8 different times each week (w/ various fitness levels). And we are lucky enough to have the space for us, as well as my son to do yoga together as a family. I feel very fortunate :yin_yang:

I don’t have a gym at home. Still think what kind of picture I could take :grin: