Photo Of The Week | My Favorite Hobby

Time to share your favorite hobby! Perhaps you are a fitness fanatic? :muscle: Or maybe you spend your weekends exploring the great outdoors? :evergreen_tree:

Share pictures of your favorite hobby and remember to include your favorite Soundcore product in the photo!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


The question is how to compose Soundcore item into basketball :grinning:

Alright, looks like I’m the first picture. I really like gaming, either on my switch or my Ipad. Took a picture of the switch because I need to use my Ipad to take the picture!


Collecting “things” :smile:


Nice picture again

@Chiquinho Nice picture :+1:t2: !

I have several hobbies, some where using headphones is not the best idea (motorcycling, snowboarding, …) but another great hobby I have is: listening to music.
Since the music I like is not everones favorite I mostly enjoy music with headphones.

This is why I chose this picture (its not me :slight_smile: )…
With the new Q35 and their superb sound quality listening to my favorite tracks makes even more fun.

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One of my hobbies is stacking Lego blocks :grinning:


I do this photographing dancers weekly, this time with the Life Q35 headphones.


Nice car :+1:

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@VertigoXX Just a shame that built of bricks, and not real in the garage :joy:.

This is more of a family hobby although I do love my electronics.
Some soundcore themed legos. :wink:!

Obi-Wan using the sound force of L2Pros
Harry Potter commanding his broom to come up.

Obi-Wan telling Anakin not to do it as he has the high ground

Luke getting ready to fly his x wing

Or “rebel” soundcore earbuds attacking the death star


“its not me”
The first moment I saw this photo, I thought, "I thought @scelestus was a man, and here it turns out a woman? :thinking: :joy:
Beautiful girl and beautiful headphones :+1:t2: !

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You have the cool Lego’s. You take great pictures as well. :+1:

My son’s grandparents got him the lego millinium falcon for his graduation.

My wife grabbed the Disney castle one Christmas.


Very nice indeed!

I have a lot of hobbies for sure honestly I just love to learn.

One of my hobbies is robotics/tinkering

My other hobby that those from the Anker community are aware of is juggling.
Here I am juggling the Spirit X2, Spirit Dot 2, and Life A1.


Love the legos, especially harry riding the earbud.

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Is that Diagon Alley Lego set I see in the corner??? If so would love to see a picture of it too since Im a huge Harry Potter Fan and Lego fan

Yeah that was the Diagon Alley

A few others as well

Our big 3 are Star Wars, Harry Potter and Dr. Who.