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Well I don’t know if this is a hobby, probably more like a love of mine. I’m what you call an animal person. My 15+ year old Collie passed away at the end of last summer. Our community has a stray cat population. We built them an insulated house before the winter. We also look after and feed them. Anyway, this is 2 of them that have moved into our house. Did I mention I love animals? :grinning:
Grey is still a kitten (He’s around 1 year old now)

Buddy is about 2 years old (They have the same mom, but are from different litters) .

Bonus pictures of my Collie Penny and me from a few years back.

Beginning of last summer before we painted the porch. I miss her.:sob:


You should try this juggling using the 6 earbuds from the cases! :rofl:
Those time outs here are driving me crazy.
The system admins of that server don’t like us anymore.:rage:

@Steve It’s sad that you are already without Penny. :slightly_frowning_face: The beautiful Scottish Sheepdog looks like from the movie “Lessie”.
You have beautiful cats and you look interesting with a mustache :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice juggling skills

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Sorry about your loss

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Thanks guys, I appreciate that @sodojka, and @VertigoXX

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Thanks thanks I was pretty worried to drop the headphones unlike normal juggling balls

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Halfway on a 10 mile walk.

Having spent months with broken leg it’s good to get out and simply walk.

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Pint of beer is good destination :grinning: