Photo Of The Week | National Beach Day

Today is #NationalBeachDay! Do you love going to the beach as much as we do? Perhaps you’re building sand castles or even just going for a stroll? Now it’s your time to shine! Go out and let’s see your best beach photos! :desert_island: Let’s see what you have got and don’t forget to include your favorite Soundcore product in the image!

Post your entries below & get snapping :camera_flash:


When I look outside from my “pensioner’s office”
there are heavy rain falls and its 11C.


Better “National tile stove day” :joy:
I could take photos, but no beach here and only dreams of such one.
All others with sun and beaches enjoy it!

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Best I got for you from the beach.

I did not want to take them out into the sand… So it is one of the few that I took with them in my ears at the beach in pics.


It’s been a while since I’ve been to the beach. A bunch had closed during covid and I haven’t honestly really been to one since then. Maybe it is time for a beach day

A real “beach boy” :laughing:

I am sure you like that song, Duane!


It was a good song… so yes.

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It is still a good song! :smile:

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Nice song from Beach Boys


I don’t foresee much Beach time here in the next few days. Torrents of rain and chilly weather on tap.


Reminds me of the one week where it rained all week and I was trying to take an outdoor pic

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The weather is the same here.
Already a long time it did not rain so much rain in summer :slightly_frowning_face:.

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This is the closest thing I’ll get to the beach for the rest of the year!! Ha ha ha!!


Nice pic… Where was that at?

I took the picture in my office looking at the computer screen… but if you’re talking about the picture of the beach, I have no clue. I just found it online and thought folks like me that are at work and not at the beach would get a kick out of it! Ha ha! :rofl:

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Lol. I thought it was a beach you had went too as I know people will load their pics to their office pc. I was thinking it looked familiar though. Lol.

We usually go to Daytona, FL a lot. So it has gotten to a point that I do not take many beach shots as they are basically similar shots.

Not technically the Beach but it is a newly formed lake that use to be my driveway. It’s been raining pretty hard all day here in NE PA.
PS I hope to get some pictures from the actual Beach(s) in our community this weekend since it’s Labor Day Weekend (The Beaches close here after this weekend).


This year’s photographic memories from a sunny beach :grinning: :beach_umbrella: .


I forgot to pack my Soundcore gear today for our beach day trip today at Pinery Provincial Park

First picture is the last picture of the day and the second one is with my two sons earlier on

had a blast

This one below here I already had shared of the beach house we go to in El Salvador
with the OG Anker speaker

Enjoy the view my friends


Well there have been flash floods and crazy rain by me so not really a beach day although the flooding did bring me close to the water

Beautiful weather and a beautiful “unspoiled” beach with almost no people. I like such beaches.
You have a great vacation :clap:!
Nice photos.

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