Photo Of The Week | #NationalPetDay

Sunday saw #NationalPetDay being celebrated across social media, so we thought why not extend the celebration into our photo challenge this week!? :grinning:

Snap a photo with your furry best friend and remember to include your favorite Soundcore product in the photo!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:



Will try to catch my dog with soundcore.

Oooo I can’t wait to see everyone’s cute pets. Sadly I don’t have any pets used to have some fish a turtle and a bunch of frogs but currently nothing

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How should I get the squirrels from our garden close to one of my speakers?
Depends on the music I have to play, I suppose.

Does anyone know what kind of music squirrels like?

Please help! :smiley:


Try Pavarotti singing Turandot @Chiquinho . It works with one dog seen on Youtube :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Our chickens became very interested in my Liberty Neo.:grinning:
I guess I’ll have to buy them something … :joy:


Have you e ever tried to play some music
for the hens.
May be they like Chopin, because they are
Polish hens.
Try it in the henhouse.
(nocturnes :smiley: )

Nutcracker suite?

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Yes, definitely Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”, sprinkle a lot of hazelnuts in the garden, display peanut butter and …
wait … wait … wait

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I think definitely NOT!
But I think they’d love to hear it:

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I will find a better one.
Too tired now after 4 hours of walking in fresh air in the woods
and having excelent fish now.
Greetings from Madeira island.


I have a snake, will see how to get a good picture of it…

Playing our kitten a lullaby. :grinning:


I finall managed to get a good picture of my snake, Geronimo.


Maybe Ray Steven

Cool. My dogs are at their secondary owners, wife’s parents house. Lol

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Mark rober has some videos to attract the :chipmunk: I think those would help a bit :wink:


I’m assuming you saw the squirrel parkour?

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Yes absolutely hilarious, just as good as his glittter packages.