Photo Of The Week | #NationalPhotographMonth

This week we challenge all you budding photographers to show us what you’ve got!

No set theme, just snap away and include your favorite Soundcore product in the image!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:



@Chiquinho “Art is long and life is short” - a sentence of Hippocrates :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like beautiful items, that’s why the photo shows my fantastic Liberty 2 Pro in a beautiful ellipse-shaped case :+1:, and my favorite and the most beautiful Star Wars destroyer:
Executor Super Star Destroyer.
I still admire its shape and symmetry.


Was thinking of something similar but different.


@Duane_Lester Do you like Star Wars and LEGO bricks too👍🏻? It’s good to have boys at home, so you can have fun with building blocks without shame😂…

Did you build that? That’s really impressive!

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You can take the boy out of the 70’s, but you can’t take the 70’s out of the boy. I still love my Lava Lites along with my Motion Booms.
PS Getting that thin hanging sign to balance on the edge of the Lava Lite caps was no easy feat. :smiley:


@supersmacker1234 Yes, with my son we built over 3200 parts. Length about 120 cm.:slightly_smiling_face:

We do. I got the family into Star Wars but my son get the Lego Star Wars stuff. We have a Lego death star , smaller Falcon and several others everywhere in our play room

Very cool photo… may the 4th be with you today :wink:

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Sneak peek at my “Thumpin’ Life Q35” headphones. Impressive so far :headphones:


@TheSnarkyOne Thanks- have a nice day and unpack the Q35😀!

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Scene from Hamlet?

Last time I was too late posting this picture in the nature picture of the week section. Therefore I would like to share this snow motion boom picture now.
The motion boom has boombastic bass, is waterproof and has a very long accumulator life.


Wolverines fan? Prob been a bit since you’ve been able to get to a college game…

Will be glad when things get back to how it was…

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I use to live about 20 - 30 minutes from the Big House. Went to quite a few games in Ann Arbor. Heck I went to some games when Bo Shembechler was coaching and Tom Brady was playing QB (the good old days) . Go Blue!


Nice photo very similar to one I was about to post :joy::joy::joy: I promise not trying to one up or copy took it yesterday but just got it of an exam. Also you ever going to take the sticker off?

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