Photo Of The Week | #NationalWalkingDay

If you haven’t already guessed it from the title…this week’s theme is #NationalWalkingDay.

Time to head to the great outdoors and get snappin’ with your favorite Soundcore earbuds|!:evergreen_tree::sunrise_over_mountains:

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


It’s rainy here again. Hope there will be sunny next weekend.


Here its the “Walker”

Thats better for listening to!

Just for fun, not in the competition! :rofl:

I’m walking right now. Don’t have anything Soundcore on me. I’ve traded all my Notes for a voucher and will get Frames next discount, then I’ll probably be able to enter a review and photo competitions.

Got my Anker Slim buds. Speakers pollutes the environment and TWS buds fall out.

I’d broken my leg and was on crutches then a stick for months so it’s still kind of a nice feeling simply walking. Check this out.

How about that for a Soundcore competition?

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Out walking and passed example of when local people died for our freedom. Thoughts with our Ukrainian brothers dying now for our freedoms.


Stunning skies and beautiful countryside on our walk today!


Some nice photos. Will go for a walk with my dog in a few minutes. Will take my new earbuds with me :grin:

Well it finally stopped raining for a few minutes (but I did get a few snowflakes this morning), so my L3P’s and I went for a walk.


So the yellow bush pic gave me trouble. I was trying to set the case in the branches and it fell twice and I lost the buds twice and had to search for them. :laughing:


Well… As I wrote before I went to walk with my dog and took my absolutely new Liberty 2 Pros with me.
We have very late spring this year but I was lucky to find few flowers :grinning: