Photo Of The Week | Passion

This week we want you to show us what your passion or hobby is!

It can be absolutely anything. It could be anything from making music, gaming, or even art! :art:

Show us what you are passionate about and don’t forget to include your favorite Soundcore product!

Get thinking and let’s discover your passion! :camera_flash:


I couldn’t get some “shiny photos” (rain) for that competition last week.
But “passion” is better, it can be done indoors.
Easy for me.

I am collecting more or less useful :laughing: “things” : since about 45 years.

This figure is called " The two friends" was designed by Constantin Holzer Defanti in 1924.
Its typical “Art Deco”.
For me its a little bit too “sweet”.
But Mrs, Franz likes it , so we will keep. :laughing:

We have now the two friends in the middle of two Flare mini.
I got my second one from the Giveaway here.
Much more than satisfied.
Thank you again.

it was one of the nice findings at the flea market last month,
so its still on the “representation shelf”


Nice figure

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@Chiquinho How many figures are in your collection :slightly_smiling_face:?
:thinking: If you bought it at a market, how do you know which year it comes from and what is it called?

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I do this “dealing & wheeling job” since 45 years.
So I know a lot. Always in antiquities.
But true, if I don’t know something by heart, I know what is real good quality.
So I buy it.
More investigation can be done at home.
The best findings are, if I know nothing about, but when doing more investigation I am detecting a real treasure.
Happened two weeks ago.

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@Chiquinho 45 years? So you replaced the drummer’s sticks with figurines.
You must have a real museum at home :grinning:.

Another good one. I have a few ideas and hopefully I will have time to take some pictures.

Photographing is my passion :slightly_smiling_face:, although I am an ordinary amateur . I really like taking photos in unusual places :slightly_smiling_face:.
Soundcore products are very innovative and forward-looking. That’s why the photo is futuristic.
But this is not a photo montage - this photo was taken in my home.
By the way, a riddle: Can anyone guess what’s in the picture along with my fantastic Liberty 2 Pro :grinning:?


It looks like a shaving head from an electric razor @sodojka .

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Nice photo. Not sure what is it

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@sodojka Is that the inside of your washing machine?


That could it be.
If so, we all know his passion is washing ropes! :rofl:

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Bravo, bravo, bravo @star100 :clap:.
It looks like the inside of a UFO spaceship, but it’s inside a washing machine (drum). I knew that only the woman would find the solution to the mystery.
Bravo again :clap: .
@Steve976 , you didn’t guess, but you had a very good idea to solve the mystery :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t2:.


@Chiquinho :thinking: believe me - I really wanted to do this.
But it takes many years of study with my wife to do the laundry :slightly_smiling_face:. You need to know the right ways to segregate, add the right liquid, the right powder, and many and many other things. After 16 years of marriage, unfortunately I did not master this difficult art :frowning: .


I thought it may have been a dryer or dishwasher due to the series of tubes for either water or air but was trying to expand the size of said tub based upon an approximation of its size as compared to the Liberty 2 Pro.

As far as laundry, I have gave up on that years ago. I hear that I do not fold it the right way. I am currently in a power struggle with the grays. I was fine up until recently when my wife said that I was putting the grays in the wrong load.

Short story: She told me that I put them in the wrong load. From then on it has been a struggle as any color gray that I put in either load that is to be washed is wrong. One day a gray goes in the white and another day the same color to me may go in the darks.

She is starting to make me start to make my hair turn more gray. :rofl: .


We have a 30 years old washing machine in the basement.
Unbeatable. Works from the time the kids were babies.

I am sure I could operate, but I keep my hands off.
Mrs. Franz would kill me If I do a mistake.
Coloring something valuable by mixing a wrong piece in the pile.

When not married, I had often pink underpants when doing the laundry by myself.
But a real, tough man, like me doesn’t care about such unimportant things. :joy:


Now I know why you have so much gray hair :joy:.
Funny story.
There is also a category in my house: degree of soiling.
It starts with “clean but … dirty” and ends with:
“terribly dirty”, that is my things after work.

I know that already. “Red laundry items” - the worst type of laundry :open_mouth:. You’re right to “dye the laundry” is worse than getting an electric shock :joy:.

I have 4 kids (all grown now) so I know quite a bit about doing laundry. The secret is Tide with Color-safe Bleach. No issues with mixing the Whites with Colors. The caveat is not with brand now Bluejeans or a brand new red shirt.

The thing that irritated me about doing laundry is when someone left a load in the dryer for me to fold. GRRRR

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We love caravanning and are currently on a trip so I was able to take a photo this week which reflected the topic.