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I am doing something like that in my engineering class. Today I accidentally got my finger stuck in some gears and cut my finger. Also have a big blood blister on my finger.


Oh that’s never fun

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Me and my dad built a desk for my sister while listening to music on my Flare 2.

I recieved my life U2 from the last giveaway. Used them in my engineering class.

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I went out today to enjoy the flowers before they are no longer here as the winter is starting soon. Hope everyone is having a great weekend as well.

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Wow great photos @ktkundy. I personally think the pink pairs great with them.

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{edit - reply meant for @The_Professor}

Crazy quality on the phone. I checked specs and wow, just wow. Professional quality camera built it.

Really like the pics.

Thanks for sharing.

Was that meant at me?

I’m surprised you say that, it’s a 2.5 year old phone.


Yes it was, and I now see I replied to myself… doh!

I think it was a I D Ten T error on my part…

Surprised it is an older phone.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.

I kinda want to make a corner desk for my room it seems more convenient than what I’ve got

The Strike 3s are still my most used Soundcore product. Hard to beat for use on conference calls.