Photo Of The Week | Soundcore & Halloween

if youre giving out soundcore to your trick or treaters than I’m so coming!


Yea I’ll drive and be there some time early-ish tomorrow :joy:

I had to add a little Flare 2 our pumpkin (sorry but I couldn’t help but make the pun)


I did two. My hands were starting to cramp and it too me about 3 hours for both.

Picked ours this morning… $0.99 but they had all been outside (at the store) and were all frozen… was challenging to get the detail just right.

Not to mention it was sweating like crazy in the house…

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These are mine but they lack the earbuds like your to make it special. :wink:


Nicely done, looks very clean and detailed.

Very nice as well

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Just noticed the top mask eyes are the tranches lights. I am liking the black lights as well

Here is mine got small haul this year. Not many people were handing out candy this year.

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Man there are some good pumpkin carvers on here lol We opted just to paint ours with the kids haha. Good luck to all that entered.


Did they let you paint one with a soundcore logo? :rofl: