Photo Of The Week | The Color Green

This week it’s pretty simple. I challenge everybody to take a photo with the color green as the theme :green_heart:

The picture can be indoors, outdoors, and follow any topic…as long as the color green is included.
Let’s see what you’ve got! :camera_flash: Remember to include your favorite Soundcore product in the photo!

Oh yeah, I’m feeling generous as it’s Thanksgiving is this week, so the winner gets double points! :wink:


Not much “green” left in the garden meanwhile.
So I will think about to find something in the house.
But of course no “political” theme or stuff. :rofl:

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Hi @sean.L, this one may be a bit trickier with Autumn well under way, but I’ll see what I can do.

PS the first sentence still says “red” although the heart is green :wink:

UPDATE: I see that the OP has been updated now. Will leave this here for context!


Oh ja, so lets do something in red and green.
I think we had the red already.
But no politics! :joy:

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It may be trickier but there are several options that I see right now.

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A few green candy canes and a pair of Liberty air 2 Pro and a few pics later


Nice photos. Still thinking about my entry.

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If I get enough time, I may swap out one of the pics I had another thought or two but the one would take a little time to set up and the weather is not appropriate for it to work.

I will say I found this to be a little hard to do as it was hard to get the right lighting with the brightness of the candy canes that I used.

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It’s a nice day for us, a break from the cold… so tobogganing sounded like a good idea…


I said hold on tight… then remembered… no hands… :flushed:image

Good thing they all ipx7 :cold_face:


Nice pic. We still have no snow. :smile: I will say at first glance, I thought it looked like a minecraft creeper at my first glance. Lol

Will it go round in circles? Q35, LA2P, and L3P

Easter Cactus with the LA2P

LA2P hanging out in the Orchid


@Steve976 A beautiful collection of 4 Soundcore products and a great photo.
This first photo with the wheel is my favorite this week!
Way to go :clap:!

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What can I do when snowing outside.
No green!

But why not a little bit red added.

The holes in the leaves were caused by an “earworm” :laughing:


Nice photo… @Chiquinho… earworm and all. :rofl

I was active basketball player for decades.
I played for various teams in number of tournments. Somehow majority of teams I was on rooster were playing in green uniforms.
I took a picture of basketball shirt from old days together with Life Q30.
It’s from season 1998-1999 so it’s vintage😀


Congrats @Duane. :+1: