Photo Of The Week | Throwback

This week, let’s try something interesting. Post a picture with your FIRST EVER Soundcore product! Let’s see who has the oldest product?

Be imaginative with your photo to try and stand out! Maybe an outdoor photo, or an action shot!?. Use your imagination!

This week I’m feeling generous so there will be two winners, one for the oldest product, but also a winner for the photo which stands out the most. :smiley:

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


Ok, I’ll go first. The first soundcore product I ever got was the Life Q10, so I’m probably not going to win oldest product. I decided to string my 2 soundcore headphones together.

sorry that the photo got sort of squished.


All “old” products donated to friends.
The oldest product here?

Its me! :rofl:

I kept the ZERO.
Fantastic speaker.


Wow, that’s a really good photo @Chiquinho!:grin:

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These are my old well know monkey engineers.
Very famous meanwhile.

Helping here a lot.
Repairing RoboVacs,installing projectors etc,
They are highly skilled!:rofl:

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:clap: You were probably not only a drummer.
Did you not shoot animated films for children?:grinning:

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No, I painted when I was young.
But those works have been donated all over the years.
Nothing left!.

Funny story,
I remember when being in the last exams of the high school in 1970
Art, all others subject were done.

I brought a 1,50 * 1,00 m card board.
My comrades were so confused about that.
“How will you get this filled”?
They had the smallest sketch block allowed! :rofl:

I made it : Horse and rider.
Simple : Only a sketch with black lines.
(Nothing to be filled out!)
Placativity -> the posture only.
Simple but impressive!

I got a 1 (best) of course, what else.

The work was exhibited, but when I wanted it back, it was not found any more :rofl:

This happens to artists! :joy:

It cannot get any older than the SoundCore Nano ( notice the “c”)… this was my first product, after which SoundCore got changed to Soundcore

My first Soundcore Product, was Soundcore Icon Mini … the Orange one


The first one is antique.
Big “C” - > “c”.
The orange one is lost in my wife’s private “warehouse” :rofl:

My oldest and first Soundcore product I have purchased is Liberty Neo!:grinning:


Nice pics… Have to try to find mine which the kids have right now.

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First Bluetooth speaker, true wireless buds, first portable charger all in one.


Very nicely done photo, this could be in an art gallery.

@shenoy I quite like the orange mini against the backdrop of the pink flowers.

The other photos have been really good as well, glad to see the monkey engineers back and the cool auto setup with the soundcore speaker.

Great week this week for photos.

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Besides cool products, I really like that you took the picture with the cherry blossoms!!
So beautiful! :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: I feel the spring vibe.
May I ask where are you? :laughing:

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I think my anker soundcore mini is the first product I have with both names on it. But I gave it away to my daughter at some point, no more pictures.

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In the art gallery … :thinking::grinning::joy:
Thanks again!

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Since it is throwback week, I decided to add my oldest pair of earbuds with a throwback of my Anker review of the earbuds as well.

As I was looking back at, I noticed it has had 1500 views which was a nice surprise as well.


This may win! I didn’t get around to posting my picture of this set of headphones. But I believe the Spirit was the first headphones that were Anker branded and one of the few initial launch devices when Soundcore went live.

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What an effort to get underwater for that picture!

I can’t imagine the bluetooth signal from your phone kept the music going though…

No issues… worked like a charm. It had IPX 7 so 30 min submerged in 3 ft of water.

I actually had two of those . I ended up winning the first pair several months earlier. than the test pair The first pair was taken by my oldest son and the other by my youngest. The oldest son still has them and they seem to work pretty good still.

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