Photo Of The Week | Your Favorite Color

We’ve decided to keep the abstract theme this week by challenging you to take a photo with the theme of “Your Favorite Color”.

Just remember to make sure you include a Soundcore product in the photo!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


Nice one…

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I’ll have to ponder on this

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Ahh this seems really pretty easy and hard at the same time. Deff have a lot of things my favorite color… but the setup :thinking: hmm I will be thinking for at least a day lol

So simple yet so complicated will have to put my thinking cap on

I should have left some pink underwear in the cupboard.

Was always hiding it from my wife

But how to add a soundcore device without being indiscreet. :roll_eyes:

Excited to see what you all come up with :eyes:

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Franz, its 2020, if you want to wear your wife’s clothes, it’s perfectly fine. Just make sure it’s done with style.


No more PINK secrets.:rofl:

I guess I’ll get us all started… my favorite color is blue has been since I was little. When I was younger I was convinced nothing blue could be bad since it was such a good color.


Really nice pics @ktkundy :grin: … still trying to think of something for my entry :thought_balloon: you had some good ideas there!

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I’m assuming those are ocean waves from a lacquer surface or something. Looks pretty real, but no way you put your headphones at that much risk…

A nice collection of pictures!

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The favorite color here in the household is blue… I got out voted…

Makes sense when the infamous blue bullet and the famous flare 2 got to see a lot of action these past few days…

On second thought royal blue is my favorite too :cold_face:

They are running me around too much to grab pic but here is my color red and as a bonus it is music themed… a little bit of Aerosmith roller coaster added to my color

Also enjoy the colors from the beach.

I love that roller coaster so much!!! I haven’t been there is years but I remember it like yesterday!

Blue and white with the snow is a nice look. Hope the sledding is great!

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The sledding was a lot of fun, had a challenge to see if we could go farther than the other kids at the hill. Then mid week we were back at the hill right after work / school.

Kids had a blast, im swearing at lockdown pounds gained… too many trips up the hill… lol


1 in 3 chance this week if I counted the vast numbers.

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