Photo Of The Week | Your Favorite Time Of Day

This should be an interesting contest…:eyes:

Take a photo with your favorite Soundcore product, it can be anywhere, anytime.

Perhaps you’re an early bird and like to catch the sunrise :sunrise_over_mountains: or maybe you’re a night owl and prefer the dark :owl:

Try and get imaginative with your entries!

Good luck! Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


I can start if you want .

Afternoon lullaby


Nice. As always

The daughter has a similar elephant to cuddle​:grinning::grinning:.

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I should tell you all the very truth.
Its one of my cuddle toys, I use to calm down with. :rofl:

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love listening to music when I’m drawing no matter what time of day


Nice photo.

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I have a bigger cuddly toy -
that’s my wife :grinning:


My favourite time (excluding cuddle time with Mrs Professor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Is learning, here I’m doing a course in particle physics.

I’ve already done

  • standard model, but I’d learned the separate boson and fermions not the model with the Higgs boson
  • electromagnetics Maxwell’s equations
  • big bang cosmology, Inflation

But I didn’t feel I understood the Higgs field and the electroweak force, these go together and caused the Inflation which caused the energy which condensed to make all the particles inside all the people reading this.

I promise I won’t destroy the universe when I have it all figured out.

I’ll try to make a better photo later. I’m busy shopping restocking have been biking around the country, and I’m getting my Covid vaccine on Thursday so allowing to feel under the weather afterwards.


Here are some picture of my favorite speaker and my favorite place to be…the beach back home in El Salvador.


You have the original anker speaker @Hermes_Alvarenga?

Yes I do. It’s the OG! Goes back a while. The unfortunate thing is it stopped working a couple months back. Will no longer charge

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Do you really live here? In your own home by the sea with a sandy beach???


If they do, it’s a beautiful beach @sodojka @Hermes_Alvarenga


He has a vacation by the sea all his life! Revelation!:+1:t2:

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I wish @sodojka It is a place we typically go and rent with family back in El Salvador. Miss going here due to Covid

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one day…that is the dream

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@supersmacker1234 here is my other OG that I am using since my other one died. This is the A7909


That’s really cool @Hermes_Alvarenga!