Pillow talking with them chickens

https://lum.fm/track/443043[quote=“Deon_Glinton, post:1, topic:2045442, full:true”]

I was just informed to clean up my lyrics sorry that for that cuz I didn’t know we had all age groups

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As this community may have different age of folks young and old, I have taken out the curse word that was stated in your topic.

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Had a listen to some of the songs you shared. The bass track on this one and on lake worth were quite good.

Instrumentals also were good. The vocals seemed to be layered behind the bass and instrumentals and made it a tad hard to hear.

I’ll check a few more out on speaker and jam a bit, see how goes, this weekend.

Decent groove for what I’ve listened to so far.


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Agreed @TheSnarkyOne

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