Place music on Alarms


How can I place music for alarm instead of regular alarm?

Go to alarms, hit 3 dots, privacy permission

This was my android phone. Other phones may be different

why are you asking in a Soundcore forum when it’s a phone device question?

Are you asking to change the Soundcore notification sounds?


I also thought about that as well but decided to help anyways…

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What is the device you are talking about?

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Could they be talking about wakey?


No crystal ball here. :laughing:

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Seems like an odd question to ask here.

hmmm does anyone find it odd they are not answering as to what device that are speaking of ? i have a feeling its a wakey nothing else makes sense to me

I don’t know what kind of people they are.

First asking a strange ambiguous question.
Getting very polite requests to give more informations.
But nothing happens.
Weird! :roll_eyes: