Please bring back ANC while wired for the Q30!

This is a petition to bring back ANC while being connected via cable.

If you didn’t know:
The Q30s automatically turn off, when you plug them in. You also can’t turn them back on while wired.
Obviously without that ANC doesn’t work.
This was possible a few firmware versions back. According to Anker, this got disabled to provide better Bluetooth stability.

Man Sony, Bose and all the others are able to do this as well. You guys were also. Please, bring in back.

In the time of home office and video calls, I really turned to love this headphones, but now it is missing a huge part of it functions, while I work on pc.

Atleast give us the option to downgrade firmware.

Thank you


My Q30 still has ANC active while using the 3.5 mm cord. You just have to power them back on (you will get a battery high. Low, etc) then use the ANC button on the headphones. I’m running firmware 02.10
Edited to fix typo on firmware version


I think you just need.power for the anc part to work but I could be wrong

I do remember them turning off potentially a while back but those were given to son for his use. Hope that it gets fixed for you. Probably the same for the q35 but have not used that function much with the cord as well.

For my Q30 my Custom EQ also works when wired once I click on the Power button.

What? Are you guys kidding? I even got it confirmed by Anker that they removed that feature to “ensure better stability via bluetooth” (which makes no sense at all to me).

Sadly, that doesn’t work for me. They can’t be turned back on, when plugged in.

It’s: When they are on and you plug them in, you hear the “shuttin down”-sound.
When you try to turn them back on while being plugged in, nothing happens.

Yes, it does not work for me as well. There are a couple of threads under support section that mentioned this as well. My firmware is 2.30. There should be at least an option to downgrade the firmware since everyone’s use case is different.

I bought Q30 because quite a number of reviewers mentioned it as a feature and now they took it away quietly. It is difficult to build trust with their products this way.


Suggesting is to calmly gather others who want it back, and then trust in good customer service to do the rest. Seems a reasonable request to get it back. If only it becomes an option in the app so who want it get it so best of both worlds, those who did suffer bluetooth instability and leave as-is.

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Like I mentioned in my reply, I’m running firmware 02.10. When I checked the app, it said I’m up to date. I wonder if they pulled 02.30?

Interesting. 2.30 is the newest one right now. Hoping they may realized a but in the firmware.

Maybe they regret on that version and decided to stop updates to 2.30. I got my headphones yesterday and I have 2.10 with “You are up to date!” message.

Offtopic: which o.s. are you using, could you do calls throught bluetooth and cable?

I got mine (a replacement, actually) last weekend, and it already came with 2.30; super disappointed on Soundcore for killing this feature.

Wired ANC is, as many other people will agree, the reason why I got the Q30. Hopefully they bring the feature back with 2.40 or some kind of hotfix.


it seems removed in 2.30 so i suggest not to update it, btw mine just arrived with 2.30 out of box and so the feature is lost, even though its mention in the manual

what makes it worse, is that the removal of the feature seems unprofessional, pressing the power or ANC button during wired mode will trigger a small pause of inaction

waiting to see if Anker will bring this back, if not its going to be my last investment in the soundcore brand, wired ANC is why i bought the Life 2 (awesome), Q20 (not working properly) and Q30 (feature silently removed)

the headphones sound inferior in wired mode without ANC


I would email support so that they really know and can work on a fix for this quick

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same situation. got it out of the box like that as well. Also got the awkward action while pushing the ANC button when plugged in.

Anker support confirmed that it was done on purpose

It’s frustrating

I have the Life 2 which has excellent wired ANC, you simply press the ANC button when the wire is plugged it lights up its separated from the power button, the quality and sound profile is excellent

I bought the Q20 because I loved the one before and my cups were ruined (there is no easy way to buy replacements) only to find out that the wired ANC in Q20 has distortions during low volume, I contacted support and was informed its a defect in early units so they offered a return or semi refund, I took the refund and bought the Q30, after making sure it supports wired ANC, only to find out it was removed!

At the moment, I am at loss at what to do, wired ANC is the main reason I got into Soundcore headphones and now it seems they have an issue with Q20/Q30

I will try to contact support and see if we can oblige a way to downgrade…

again wired mode without ANC sounds really bad and nothing compared to the sound profile of the headphones with the power on, so removing this feature is not only affecting noise cancellation but the quality of the sound during aux use! compared to the older Life 2 there is simply no comparison to the audio quality. The old heaphone is superiour with wired ANC on or off…


Did they explain why or simply just said that they did it on purpose

Thought it was mentioned earlier…

Per @thatvietnamesguy earlier post perhaps?

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