Please help with coupon for motion plus!?!?!?!

Hello all say lookin to purchase 2 or 3 motion plus speakers for myself and my dad if anyone sees a coupon or deal on the speaker please let me know!!! Thank you !!and to all who see this i hope you are well and healthy… full q30 review is coming this sun … know it will only be 2 weeks with it but if ya haven’t ordered it yet you need to!!

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Sounds good, i’ll keep an eye out for any deals for you.

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@Pantera43 visit this space often as many deals are posted daily by fellow members.


Also, keep an eye out on the soundcore site too, as we often overlook the deals there.

Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg are typically ones that community members post up deals from.

The odd time, there’s an outlier… like


Thanks everyone!!!

Will do if I see it. Check your notes. 30 will at least give you 10 dollars

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Will see if i can find any ill be sure to let you know. as Duane said you could always try to build up your notes to exchange for a coupon

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I’ll keep an eye out for any deals

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Christmas deals are coming soon so there will probably be a deal for the Motion plus.

Get an AliExpress account and play their games. Fantastic Farm gives you coins and flip ‘n’ win, Coupon Pals, Bubble Challange etc. gives you coupon. Also you can visit Anker’s AliExpress page, they alsa have store coupon.