Pledge for NEW software function: make custom EQ shareable

Using the Q30s as daily driver (at home, due to the ridiculously intrusive headband design: horizontally too fat) since it’s launch, I figured several reasons why no closed back, wireless design could compete for me so far:

  1. best audio quality once EQ’d right (the driver and housing are incredibly capable, the stock tuning isn’t)
  2. best phone call sound in quiet environments on the market, the mics are excellent and the lack of noise cancelling make them outshine all competition so far (looking at you, Sony, your WH sucks in comparison).
  3. Hear through is brilliant and again: market leading. Just watch an online ukulele, bass, guitar, mouth harp, whatever tutorial and play along with your instrument fed right into your ear through the Q30’s mics and you will never use any other pair of headphones for that.

But most people I know put them on after recommendation and return them due to the default EQ settings. It would be so awesome to have a “Share” button in the individual EQ view, send a link via E-Mail, Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal etc. and a way for the recipient to click and save that EQ setting to their account. Super convenient and another truely outstanding software feature added to the best EQ system on the market already.

Noise cancelling is still a long way to go, I have my Sony’s for that. But sound quality, app quality (especially the EQ) and mic quality (in quiet environments) are top notch, so please Anker, improve what you are truly capable of to stay on top of it while the rest (noise cancelling, street legal design) will take its time.

There are so many threads to be found here talking about EQ settings.
Mostly we came to the conclusion that EQ settings are very individual.
So if a setting is perfect for A it will not satisfy B.
This is not only my opinion.:smile:


I agree with @Chiquinho. I’ve shared my EQ’s, but I don’t think they are really all that helpful.
for a few reasons:

  1. We all hear differently (older, younger, etc)
  2. We have different tastes.
  3. Listen to different types of music.

Quite honestly I don’t have a static EQ. I change it depending on recording and to an exten, my mood.

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I will join the others in their suggestion to find your best EQ settings.